5 Ways to Make Money Remotely; So you can go Camping!

Let’s cover a few myths real quick first:

  • Passive Income – You don’t need a lot of this to get started. You do need low time commitment income.
  • You don’t have to be rich – Living in an RV is not just for rich retired folk.
  • Passion – Turning your passion into income is a quick way to kill your passion.

1. Take your current job on the road

Did you know that just under 4 Million Americans work remotely? While this may include people that work from home for a portion of time and not full-time, that still a lot of people! If they can do it, why not you?

And it certainly does not hurt to ask your current employer for some work from home time. Good managers (I used to be one you know) know exactly how much work actually gets done at the office under their watch and how much time simply goes to waste. When budgeting projects in my corporate gig, we used to factor in 20-25% as time lost. That means on an 8 hour work day, we knew that we could expect to have some actually be working on the project for 6 hours (optimistically of course).

Armed with this, you can negotiate your way to a trial run of working remote. Show the numbers, and how much you won’t contribute to the rest of the office distractions too!

2. Discover the Income in the location that you want to go to

Wait, what? Discover it? Let’s dig into that a little bit more. By traveling to locations and living the lifestyle (at least temporarily) that you are currently fantasizing about, you can open yourself up to a bunch of possible business or income generating opportunities that you may have not ever thought about while sitting at home.

But this requires that you actually do some traveling. You could discover a small town in need of a micro-brewery. Or a beach front boat rental business for sale.

You have to go there, experience the culture, and then test wether bringing in a business or service from another area would be a smart move.

3. Freelance Freedom

Freelancing is working directly for other people or business. You have skills that other people want and need, and charge per project or by the hour to complete the job. Writing, editing, graphic design, and a host of other skills are easy to turn into a freelance career.

One great tip that Marc shares in the video is to “productize” those services. This means that your clients can see in a package for what it is that they will receive from you once they hire you.

Coaching is a great example. When I hire a professional coach to improve a skill in a desired area of focus, it’s setup by a per session fee.

  • (6) 1-hour long session costs $x
  • (12) 1-hour long session cost $x (usually less $ per session)
  • (30) 1-hour long sessions cost $x.

Some coaching examples included; teach english online, mindset coaching (ie; Tony Robbins), and business or marketing coaching.

4. Your travel experience can earn money

Documenting your journey can be valuable to others. When you are out and about experiencing new areas and doing cool things, people eat that up.

Look what happened with the Reality TV boom in the last 10 years. People love the real, authentic, un-cut stories and adventures of other people. When you are the person providing that experience, you can make an income from a bunch of different ways.

5. Content Creation – Youtube to Patreon

Educate, entertain, or inspire and audience of people and grow that audience into a good sized following. Look through the lens of your audience when creating content for them and that can really increase the level of enjoyment that you personally are benefitting from.

There are many ways to monetize an audience once you have their attention. One simple way is to just setup a Patreon account and create exclusive content for them.

Final Thoughts:

  • Always add value. Entertain, Educate, and Inspire
  • Love the process
  • Be in the moment
  • Part time travel, you don’t have to go full time if you don’t want to.

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I really enjoyed this video that Tricia and Marc recorded for Annie Dike at havewindwilltravel. It may be a few years old now, but the information is accurate to today and incredibly valuable if you choose to put it into action. Holding onto that excuse and not exploring ways to earn outside of a typical day job is always the #1 reason people don’t chase after those adventures.

I hope that is not you too.