7 Unexpected Uses for Old Travel Trailers

Sometimes a travel trailer has overstayed its welcome or is no longer needed for its intended purpose. Putting it out to pasture and getting a new one is always an option. Repurposing that gem full of sentimental value is also another route worth looking into to. But what can you use it for?

  1. Portable Bar
  2. Hunting Shack
  3. Pop-up Shop
  4. Food Truck/Coffee Bar
  5. Car-Port
  6. Ice Fishing Shack
  7. Portable Pool

Portable Bars

Usually the first thing to go on a pop up camper is the canvas sides. Dry rot, mildew, and mold can eat away at the soft parts and cause the sides to not function as they once did. Replacing the sides can cost about as much as buying a new one! A lot of pop-up camper owners will upgrade into a full size camper and ditch these at next to nothin.

So these are great trailer to transform into other uses.

Like ice fishing shacks, hunting blinds, and portable bar tail-gating trailers…


Hunting Shack

Another great use for your home on wheels that doesn’t roll that well anymore is to park it in a permanent location. Like out in the woods where you can use it for hunting. This would be for the smaller, used travel trailers of course.

The Redneck Palace or Hunters Condo are a few good names for the new cozy hunting shack.

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Pop-up Shop

Mobile Popup shops are becoming popular in urban areas. Why not transform that vintage camper into a store on wheels?

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Food Truck/Coffee Bar

A full size food truck can cost more than a small house. But converting an old camper trailer into one will give it a curb appeal that stands out from the competition. Most of the utilities that you will need are already inside, so you’ll just need to some minor modifications before hitting the road to riches.

Car-Port Used Travel Trailer

Some redneck engineering went into turning an old retired travel trailer into a 2 story shack that you can park a truck underneath. But when you love those views you just got get up to the right level. RV Camping on a whole new level 🙂


Ice Fishing Shack Trailers

A couple holes in the floor and a very strong love for fishing in the coldest of climates can have you in an ice fishing trailer. Convert your old camper by putting in airbags so you can drop it down to the ground level, or put a skirt around the bottom. Like a hunting shack, but on the ice!

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Portable Pool Travel Trailer

When the county denies your permit to put in the pool that you have been dreaming about more than Clark Griswald on Christmas, try this.


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I’d love to see a hot tub trailer someday too – just sayin!


So now when your trailer starts falling apart or you decide that camping just isn’t your thing, you’ve got a few more options. Just get your creativity and redneck engineering degree out and have some fun!