Who we are:

My wife and I purchased our first travel trailer – A Dutchmen Rubicon 2600 – about 8 years ago. We shopped and shopped and looked at a lot of different options that are available. At the time I had 3 criteria: I wanted a Bumper-Pull Camper that was large enough to fit a Golf-Cart and a HD Street Glide inside and still be 1/2ton towable. 

We found that the Rubicon met all 3 of these requirements, and my wife loves the interior (bonus!).

After we purchased it and started traveling and staying in it regularly, we made a lot of mistakes and wasted some money that I wish we hadn’t. That’s where this site comes in. 

Our Mission:

We made some expensive mistakes and wasted precious time we could have been at the beach or in the pool. 

Our goal at Best Summer Life is to share these experiences so that you can learn from our mistakes and shortcut the learning curve right into experience, happy-camper life! 

By learning from each other and the community, we can all live the Best Summer Life without all the headaches to get there. 

How we do it:​

We love getting outside and having fun at the lake, campground, and out in the open areas of the Great Outdoors. 

So our passion and mission is to use and share the things we love and honestly review the products or services that we wish could be better too. 

If we spend our hard earned money on a product we hope will make our lives better and it doesn’t, we’ll be honest with you and tell you about it. 

If a product, service, or experience exceeds our expectations,… well of course we are going to be happy to share that with you too!

Here’s a picture of the first time I packed the Yammy and the Golf Cart inside of the trailer. They fit fine, but I wish I would have change out 1 bolt before doing it….

We also realize that we don’t know it all despite what I prefer to think I know. So we go out and curate only the best videos & content that relates to the topic and share that with you also. From time to time we’ll share Industry experts, experienced travelers, and informative content without all the distractions and fluff so you can get the information your need without wasting your time.

Your money & time with your family is precious – so is ours. ​

When we bought our first camper we knew that we had more family time in our future ahead and couldn’t be more excited about it. The dogs still know when we are starting to pack that camper up and they can’t help but get just as excited every time, like it was the first time. It always helps to remind me just how special this time is and I’m grateful for it. 

We know that your time & money is precious and thank you for stopping by our little corner of the web. 

We hope you’ll share this excitement with us when you get out and enjoy your own Summer Life.