What to use to clean the top of a rubber roof travel trailer?

Knowing that water damage coming through your roof can cause an excessive amount of damage and cost a fortune to fix, it’s important to keep your RV’s roof in good shape. And this means cleaning debris, sap, mildew, and mold off of it a few times a year. In really hot climates, maybe a bit more frequent that that.

So what’s safe to clean the top of a rubber roof travel trailer?

Vinegar. Not 100%, but a mixture of about 1. cup vinegar and 1. gallon of water. Works great for my roof and rinses off easy without worrying about it fading the colors or damaging the decals and graphics.

Be sure NOT to use these on a Rubber Roof:

  1. Abrasive Cleaners
  2. Acidic Cleaners (citrus based too)
  3. Petroleum Distillate Cleaners (mineral spirits, gas, etc,…)

These can all cause a lot of damage to your rubber roof. One of the main benefits of a rubber roof compared to a PVC or Fiberglass Roof is that they are a lot more durable. You just need to use a little caution when selecting what to clean them with is all.

With all the chemicals and toxins in the general cleaners, I have always wondered what is considered “safe?” My 4-legged family members play and lick and do all kinds of dog-things right in the same spot that I am cleaning my toys and trailers after all.

How do you clean a rubber roof?

Be sure that it’s safe to walk on first (see your manual for this) or you’ll have to lean over and clean it from the safety of a sturdy ladder.

  1. Sweep off any large debris
  2. Rinse with clean water
  3. Spray on rubber roof cleaner
  4. Scrub with mop or broom
  5. Rinse off
  6. Let dry before covering

You may want to clean smalls sections of the roof so your cleaning solution doesn’t have a chance to dry before getting to scrubbing it. Smaller 5’x 5′ square sections works best for me. Rinse some, and then scrub some. It doesn’t have to be a chore if you have a little fun doing it. Pick a really hot day, ask have your partner to help, and jump in a couple of bathing suits. It’s also a great job for your kids/teenagers to do.

Can you pressure wash a RV rubber roof?

These types of roofs (rubber) are more durable to impact and flex better than fiberglass roofs do, so Yes! I pressure wash mine at the start to knock off any mold buildups and dirt that stuck on during the sweeping part of cleaning.

Keep an eye out for large cracks and don’t pressure wash the joint of where your roof utilities are sealed. It’s best to scrub these areas with a smaller brush. Also, don’t pressure wash your hatch covers. They’re a little too fragile to hold up. (Ask me how I know?) I also pressure wash the top and bottom of my awning too. The neighbors just love my bikini 🙂

Can you use bleach on a rubber roof?

I don’t and I don’t recommend it. Why? I’m a guy and I like to mix a little stronger than needed sometimes. When you are rinsing the roof off, the cleaning solution that you use runs down the side of your trailer. I’m always afraid that I’ll end up distorting the graphics and discoloring any decals that we added.

What is the Best RV rubber roof cleaner?

Vinegar works the best on my toy haulers roof. I use a 1cup to 1gallon water mixture and scrub brush for those spots that are really stuck on. Easy cleanup and environmentally friendly 🙂

I also use this professional cleaner. The power washer that I have has a little mixing container on it. I’ll put a few cups of this in it and spray it down and rinse it off after a few minutes. This stuff works great for the quick cleans when you don’t want to get out all the other stuff to do a full hour long deep clean and when the trailer is in an area that it can be used too.

Easy Way to Clean a Dirty Roof: With a few tips

Be safe, have fun, and keep your travel trailer lasting for years and years of family camping adventures!