5 Futuristic RV’s I Wish I Could Buy Now

Concept RV’s from the Future

When looking at RV’s to buy in 2019, I see a lot of the same old designs and same old looks. And with good reason too. Most larger RV companies and Travel Trailer manufacturers don’t like to push the envelope in the design department. Too risky. Too much money at stake.


Technology moves much faster than we can keep up with in many other areas. Unfortunately besides a new kitchen gadget here or there, the RV scene just hasn’t kept pace.

But if it did, these are the rigs that I wish I could buy right now.

Telsa (The car company, not the RV company)

When Telsa Trucks start rolling off the line, I’ll be standing there waiting for one. While a few other fully electric midsize trucks are starting to beat them to that market, I’m happy to wait. Of course I’ll need a Airstream looking Telsa Camper to camp in, and a Telsa Motorcycle to go in the back of it.

Toy Haulers are nice, but hard to sleep in when the toys are in there.

Am I a Tesla fanboy? Yup.

Tattoos? Not yet 🙂

sCARABANE Collapsable Solar Camper

This Concept Trailer from sCARABANE rotates on an axis to face the sun and power this tiny home. The wind powered generator addition to the side supplements that lack of sun on cloudy (and windier) days. I don’t suppose that this one would be as portable as camper would be, but I still would love to be able to buy one.

North Face Pod Camper

Now this one looks more like a futuristic teardrop offroad camper than an RV or camping trailer, but I’d still give it a try out. They recently revealed the concept at CES 2019 and I’ve wanted one since. I think it would also look perfect being pulled by an electric Tesla Truck too. Just sayin 🙂

The off-road airless tires are a nice touch as well.


Now this Concept RV is packed full with all the features of a large, heavy, and hard to pull 5th-wheel trailer – but in a compact and lightweight and friendly design. Everything that you would like to see in futuristic camper design!

Check out the Tipoon for yourself here.

I’ll keep adding to this too as I find new ones. The internet has a way of surfacing a bunch of cool things just after smashing the publish button.

Which concepts have you seen out there that you wish were available to buy now?