RV Skylight Shades: A sleeping-in requirement in your bedroom

Going camping in your RV or Travel Trailer is one of our favorite ways to enjoy the best summer life. There are times where we stay up a little too late by the fire telling “true stories” of past accomplishments and blowing smoke up each others camping stools. 

So when the sun starts to shine in the through the skylight of the bedroom before we want to get up, we might just not get off to a good start of the next day. What to do?

3 ways to darken your RV's Skylights

1. Change to a tinted cover

RV and travel trailer manufacturers typically install the most economical versions of these parts that are not deal breakers for buyers. When was the last time that you were buying a new one and thought “I hope it has tinted windows in the ceiling!” Nope, not really a selling point. 

So they install clear (or very slightly tinted) skylights in the bathroom and hatch covers in the bedroom. With the bedroom vented, the hatch cover can be replaced by getting up there and drilling out the rivets that hold the hinge in place and screwing on a new one. 

Or if you step on it while trying to put your cover on like I did the first year I stored it for the winter. 

The Bathroom Skylight, however, is not as easy. This one is sealed water tight and I wouldn’t recommend pulling it out just to change the color. Go ahead with a tint-kit that you can install on the inside or outside, just like you would with your car or trucks windows. 

2. Spraypaint black

For the full black-out sleep room, you can crawl up top and paint that bedroom hatch cover black. This will prevent any UV rays from disturbing your morning sleep-in day until you are ready. I did this to my first cover and it worked out great until I stepped on it and needed a replacement. 

3. Cover with skylight shade

Now that I needed to replace the vent cover in the bedroom with a new one, I opted for a tinted version that would still let in about 50% of the light. It’s nice in temperatures that the hatch shouldn’t be open, and it lets in just enough light so we don’t need a lot of artificial lights on throughout the day. 

I did install a cover on the inside so that we can go full black out when we want to sleep in. 

This retractable one did just the job I was after. It’s meant for a car window, so it’s got 3 suction cups that are on the points of attachement. Using it for the ceiling, I just took a few 3M velcro pads and stuck them to the suction cups so it wouldn’t fall down during travel. 

It was a lot cheaper that buying a skylight shade from a dealer that it designed specifically for the job. 

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