How to Tow Heavy Travel Trailers: Is your truck really capable and legal?

Video by: Big Truck Big RV

This video will make you check your Numbers,… twice.

I love it when the advice that I have been giving to others for years perfectly matches others. Not because I get to same that “I told you so,” (ok, maybe a little) – but mostly because it reaffirms the advice from another source and has a 2nd chance at getting through that thick skull.

If you are pulling a trailer that is heavier than what your truck is rated to pull, you can get a fine if pulled over.

Pulling a trailer that is heavier than what your tow vehicle is rated to pull is a ticket-able offense. Should you be stopped, or get in an accident these will most certainly be checked. Just because you put bigger leaf springs or Sway bar on the truck, does not give the truck a higher rating.

“It’s not what you can tow, it’s what you can STOP.” Your truck may be able to get a 16,000lb trailer going down the highway – but can it stop it?

The GVWR  on the truck needs to be higher than the actual weight (GVW). It’s a pretty simple equation that a lot of trailer haulers continue to disregard or flat out ignore.

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