Best Ways to Organize Your RV Kitchen and Save Space

Living in an RV is a beautiful experience. You get to travel anywhere you want without having to worry about flight or accommodation costs. However, one big downfall is space constraints. You have to manage your daily routine in a small space. It gets more difficult in the kitchen because RV kitchens are very small and sometimes can’t accommodate the most basic utensils, pots, pans, and spices.

Luckily, there are RV kitchen storage accessories that can help you manage these things better.

Best Ways to Organize Your RV Kitchen and Save Space

6 Tips to Add More Storage Space to Your RV Kitchen

No matter how much drawers and cabinets you have in your RV kitchen, you are always short on space to store everything you own. Management is the main concern because you can’t keep anything on the kitchen countertop while driving as it will fall down on the first corner. Here are six RV Kitchen storage space hacks that come handy every time.

1. Look for vertical space

Add a wire rack to the wall next to the stove to hold all your spices. Add multiple racks so that they don’t come in the way while you are walking. In the same way, you can install deeper racks to store plates. However, make sure the plates are completely dry before you put them back as the water that keeps leaking can ruin your carpet or warp the wood door and floors. You can also install a vertical magnetic spice storage. If you have a fridge, you can add a few holders to it as well.

2. Put nails and hooks under the cabinets

You can use the space under the lower kitchen cabinets to store toilet paper, kitchen towel, onions, and potatoes. You can either add a large kitchen wire holder to hold them or keep them in separate boxes, which you can pull out when needed. Add individuals holders below the upper cabinets to hold pots, pans, and spatulas. They are the most difficult to store, so it is best if you store them in open space from where you can grab them easily.

3. Stick storage units to the countertops

To store forks and spoons, stick a small and lightweight basket, either made of straw or aluminum to the countertop. Install a tall organizer with multiple shelves to keep K-cup and tea pouches. You can also use it to store spices that you use daily and knick-knacks like a stapler, rubber bands, your favorite coffee cup, and matchsticks.

4. Store food in the microwave

Store bread, chips, cheese, and different types of sauces in your microwave when you aren’t using it. A microwave acts like a little insulating box and keep the food good for a long time. You can also store cooked food in it if you have guests coming over and don’t want to heat it up again.

5. Store by category

Divide your kitchen items into categories and store them accordingly. Maintain the boundaries and only take what is really important. You don’t need a variety of cooking utensils. Two pans and one pot is more than enough for you. Keep the dishes to minimum. When you are inviting guests, use paper dishes, which you can dispose of later.  

6. Make a bi-weekly grocery shopping list

You are traveling the world in your RV. The places you visit are definitely going to have shopping markets from where you can purchase your groceries.

Before you start the journey write down the food items you need every week and split them into half and go grocery shopping twice in a week. This way no food goes to waste and you stay well within the budget.

When we were first starting out and trying to figure out the “budget” that we needed for food, we got some great advice. It was from a seasoned full-timer traveler with over 25years of experience and a LOT of miles on his rig.

What he said was:

  1. Make a List
  2. Stick to that List.

Simple advice and once we implemented it, we were on the right track.

5 Must-have RV kitchen accessories

These RV kitchen accessories are life-saving. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Kitchen cutting mats

You might not have any problem with chopping food directly on your kitchen countertop but if you have granite or wood countertops, you might want to avoid that. Buy silicone maps as you can roll them up and store when not in use.

2. Dish drainer

An RV kitchen doesn’t have enough space to store a dishwasher, so, add a dish drainer to your collection. Place it over the sink and there is no watery mess anywhere in your tiny home.

3. Microwave cover

When you cook or heat food in a microwave some of it splashes around, which is one more thing you need to clean daily. Cover your plate or bowl with a microwave cover before putting it in. It is cheap, collapsible, and a wonderful invention.

4. Carbon monoxide detector

Purchase an RV-friendly carbon monoxide detector as you live in a small space and the levels can go up rapidly. When it happens open all windows and doors and step out of the RV until it is declared safe by a professional.

5. Spice rack organizer

Spice bottles take up a lot of space in a drawer. Use a vacant wall to store your spices in a vertical pattern. They are easy to reach and barely take up any space.

Prepworks Collapsible Over-The-Sink Dish Drainer

Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Over-The-Sink Dish Drainer
  • COLLAPSIBLE DISH DRAINER: This dish rack has the capacity to Hold 8 plates up to 10 inches in diameter & features a removable silverware tray. It...
  • SPACE SAVING STORAGE: The rack's arms extend from 16-1/2" to 26-3/4" inches. It measures 16-1/2 by 12-1/4 inches fully collapsed for easy storage...
  • FOOD PREP MADE EASY: We offer kitchen accessories that make food preparation faster, easier & more enjoyable, from fruit & veggie choppers to...
  • STYLISH DESIGN & SOLID FUNCTIONALITY: Our philosophy is simple—offer stylish designs with no-nonsense functionality. We understand the kitchen...
  • INNOVATING KITCHEN ESSENTIALS: We boast over 40 years of innovating kitchen products & housewares with unique gadgets & tools for food...

A lightweight collapsible over-the-sink dish drainer by Prepworks, this RV kitchen accessory is easy to clean and can hold up to eight big plates. It has strong extendable arms, which you can adjust according to your RV’s kitchen sink. They extend from 16.5” to 26.75”, which is usually the length of RC kitchen sinks.

The silverware tray has a special rack to hold spoons, forks, and other cutlery. It is 16.5” long, 12.25” wide, and 6” high but collapses to a height of 1.5” when not in use. You will have to take off the forks and spoons divider and press it down to close it. The dish drainer is safe to be put in a dishwasher as the drainer is made out of TPE and polypropylene, both of which as dishwasher-safe


  1. Fits perfectly in sinks of any size
  2. Holds tall flatware like spoons and knives with no difficulty
  3. Easy to store and takes minimum space
  4. Enough slots for drying all dishes, pots, and pans at once
  5. Dishwasher safe as the plastic doesn’t warp after prolonged use


  1. Small spoons and fork slide down through the holes
  2. Not ideal for drying glassware

Expandable Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Expandable Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer w/Built-in Solid Bamboo Knife Block 100% Eco Friendly Adjustable Bamboo Kitchen Utensil & Cutlery Tray.
  • GOURMET STYLE - Adjustable kitchen drawer organizer tray for your silverware, serving utensils, and a top grade Solid Bamboo In-Drawer Knife...
  • EXPANDS MORE THAN ANY OTHER BRAND - Expandable from 12.75 inches to 22 inches wide, 18 inches long and 2 inches deep, easy to install just place...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Made from the highest quality of bamboo with extra strong construction, perfect solution to kitchen organization and storage
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Made from 100% environmentally friendly pure bamboo, No MDF like others, strong like wood drawer organizers but bamboo is...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We strive to provide the best products at the best prices, if you are in any way unhappy with the product we will...

Misc Home Expandable Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer is a beautiful light-colored expandable RV kitchen accessory. It is constructed using high quality solid bamboo and is 22” wide, 18” long, and 2” tall. The bamboo is 100 percent eco-friendly and anti-microbial. When collapsed, the organizer is long 12.75” wide, so you can store it away without taking much space.

Since it is expandable, you can adjust it to your kitchen drawer’s size. You can use the kitchen drawer organizer to store spoons, knives, spatulas, and other cutlery. The organizer also comes with an in-built knife block, which can hold five knives at a time. It has very deep compartments that allow you to store more kitchen items. You can also use it in your wardrobe to separate jewellery, bows, and ties.


  1. Superior quality eco-friendly material
  2. In-built knife block is ideally for traveling purposes
  3. Classy design that goes well with modern interiors
  4. Partitions are sealed properly and the seams are blunt
  5. Collapsible kitchen drawer organizer fits every drawer size
  6. Can store a variety of objects in it


  1. Only holds five steak knives
  2. Extension pieces are not properly constructed
  3. Won’t expand completely as RV drawers are tiny  

Noble Home & Chef In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block

In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block Holds 16 Knives (Not Included) Without Pointing Up PLUS a Slot for your Knife Sharpener! Noble Home & Chef Knife Organizer Made from Quality Moso Bamboo
  • UPDATED DESIGN for EASY KNIFE RETRIEVAL - Carved slots are now deeper to make retrieving your steak knives simple and efficient, and larger...
  • KNIVES DON’T SLIDE OR POINT UP even if drawer is slammed – no more worrying about knives shooting out the back of your knife block or jamming...
  • HOLDS WIDE ASSORTMENT OF KNIVES (NOT INCLUDED) – Up to 16 knives PLUS knife sharpener! Thoroughly tested with many knife brands
  • FITS 99% OF ALL STANDARD KITCHEN DRAWERS - [17” Long, 11.5" Wide, 2” Tall]
  • ECO FRIENDLY, HIGH GRADE MOSO BAMBOO with excellent craftsmanship- slots are even and no chips

Available in two sizes, the Noble Home & Chef In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block is the best choice for every RV chef. One size can hold up to 12 knives at a time, while the other one can hold 16 knives at a time. It is made using Moso Bamboo, which is a top grade variety and 100 percent environment-friendly.

The knife block is 17” long, 11.5″ wide, and 2” tall and divided into two sections — one for storing steak knives and other for larger knives. The steak knives block is designed for a simple pick-up mechanism, which gives more space to store the other knives. It has an angled end to keep the knives from falling out of the block when you are driving.


  1. You can find the drawer organizer in two sizes
  2. Separate areas for storing steak knives and other types of knives including butter knives and chopping knives
  3. Constructed using top grade Moso Bamboo, which is eco-friendly and antimicrobial
  4. Fits an average-sized RV kitchen drawer perfectly
  5. The holding block at the end keeps knives sturdy and sharp


  1. Slots at the end aren’t ideal for big knives. Keep them in the middle sections for better support.
  2. Slots don’t support cleavers

‘In This Space’ Hard Shell Round Plates Protector

In This Space Twill Mug/Cup Hard-shell Storage Organizer
  • Canvas twill in grey for the exterior and padded fiber boards inside
  • Hard-shell design. Max protection with zipper closure
  • No messy assembly required!
  • Overall dimension 18.75" L x 14.25" W x 5.5" H
  • Holds 12 cups, mugs or ornaments. Each pocket measures 4" L x 4" W x 5.5" H

With In This Space Twill Hard Shell Round Plates Protector, you can travel with your fancy plates and host classy parties. The plates protector is available in different sets and color, so you can choose according to your needs. The colors available include tweed, teal, and plate and the sizes available include extra small, small, medium, and large.

They have a hard shell and thick padding on the inside that protects the plates during a bumpy ride. You can also store mugs and bowls in the protector accessory. The sets come with soft plates separator, which is an organization bonus. You can stack the protectors on top of each other but only if they are supported on all sides.


  1. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and sets
  2. Each size holds up to 12 plates at a time
  3. Hard shell covering and soft insides protect the plates from damage during bumpy rides
  4. The plates protector is stackable
  5. Comes with soft plates separator that act as a shock absorber
  6. Can be used to store different types of crockery using mugs, bowls, and pots
  7. Affordable organizer made with eco-friendly material


  1. Dish separators available only in the size of small plates
  2. Pockets on the sides are too small to fit the name sticker

DecoBros 3-Tier Wire Hanging Basket

DecoBros Hanging Fruit Basket 3-Tier, Chrome
  • Hanging Basket Organizer Great for Kitchen, Pantry, Fruit/Food Display and Storage
  • Includes: Hook, 3 Baskets and Chain
  • Easily to chained or split for the three baskets
  • Beautiful and elegant design, Clearly display the fruit in the basket
  • Dimension: 11'' W x 11'' D x 30'' H

An elegant accessory for your RV kitchen, the DecoBros 3-Tier Wire Hanging Basket is a great option to store fruits, coffee pods, tea pouches, potatoes, and onions. The chained basket organizer comes with three differently-sized baskets, which are sturdy enough to hold big fruits and vegetables.

It can bear up to 13 lbs of weight, so you can store all your grocery purchases of the week in it. Available in chrome, the basket organizer is 30” in height and 12” in diameter. You can hang it directly from the ceiling or under the cabinet. Also, the chains are adjustable, so if you want more space between two baskets, you can shift the middle one likewise. You can also hang one basket organizer below another for added storage.


  1. Super durable kitchen organizer made with stainless steel material
  2. Basket set can bear up to 13 lbs of weight
  3. You can stack one basket organizer below another
  4. Can be used to store multiple things
  5. Chain can be adjusted according to the weight of your produce
  6. Perfect for storing a week’s grocery  
  7. Easy to install


  1. Chains should have been longer
  2. Chain links don’t close completely


Out of all the RV kitchen accessories, we love DecoBros 3-Tier Wire Hanging Basket the most. It is affordable and can bear up to 13 lbs of weight. You can also adjust the distance between the baskets and stack one organizer below the other.

The Expandable Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer is also one of our favorites as you can use it store a variety of things from spoons, knives, and spatulas to spices and protein bars.

The organizer is adjustable and fits every drawer size and it is made out of bamboo wood, which is 100 percent biodegradable and eco-friendly.

And don’t forget to Treat Yourself! 

For more ways to maximize and organize your kitchen, check this out.