Portable RV Ladders

Pros and Cons of Buying A Portable Ladder For Your RV

No matter how much you deny, your RV is going to need a ladder. The choice is between a portable RV ladder and a fixed ladder. We vote for a portable ladder because once you are done living in the RV, you can use it in your new apartment or house. They come very handily when you want to clean your RV from the outside, fix a sunroof, or remove a tree branch stuck on the ceiling.

The goal of every RV camper is to use collapsible equipment so that everything can fit in a limited space. A type extension ladder extends to up to 12.5 feet, but the highest step you can climb up to is the fourth one. There are tiny ladders that only extend to three feet, but there are also some very tall ones that extend to over 36 feet, but you don’t need them for using it in or outside your RV.

You have to play it against a firm wall and climb the ladder to get your work done. It usually weighs around 25 to 30 pounds so that you can pick the ladder all by yourself. Depending on the brand and materials used, the weight bearing capacity differs from 200 to 375 lbs.

Things to consider while buying an extension RV ladder

Choosing the right extension ladder has a huge impact on your RV lifestyle. They might be expensive but investing in a good quality ladder can last you for a lifetime. Here are three things to remember while making the big purchase:

  1. Ladder height- Measure the height of your RV until its rig. The ladder should be at least ¾ the of the height, so you can comfortably reach its top. You can only climb until the fourth step from the top for your own safety because the top three steps aren’t the strongest.
  1. Ladder weight – The manufacturer will clearly mention the ladder’s weight limit, and you can’t go over it. If you want a heavy duty ladder that has a weight bearing capacity of over 250 lbs, you will have to pay likewise. Calculate your weight and weight of the items or heavy cargo you are carrying up the ladder to avoid it from breaking.
  1. Safety – Check the safety features the manufacturer is offering. Some common features that should be present include non-skid feet and locking mechanism. The construction should be firm and easy retraction mechanism.

Do’s and don’ts while using an extension ladder


  1. When you extend the ladder, make sure it makes a clicking sound. It is a confirmation that the steps are locked in place.
  2. When you climb the ladder, hold both the sides firmly. If you put your weight on one side, the ladder might collapse.
  3. Lean towards the ladder and maintain a straight posture.
  4. Move up the steps gradually and ensure that it is sturdy at the same time.


  1. If you lean far away, the ladder might lose its balance and fall down.
  2. Climbing too high up. The upper steps are mainly meant to hold your equipment like tools and cloth.
  3. Don’t ever try repositioning the ladder when you are standing on it. You will lose your balance, and we know what comes next.

Ladder safety tips

Ladder accidents are very common because of which you need to be extremely careful while using them. Here are five tips you need to keep in mind for your safety while using a ladder:

  1. Even though setup manuals are extremely boring, you need to read them thoroughly before climbing the ladder. Each brand has their own set of rules to follow.
  2. Always maintain a three-point contact with the ladder, which includes two hands and one foot.
  3. Only open the ladder according to your requirements. If you extend it completely, you might fall down because of the continuously shifting weights.
  4. Always face the ladder when you are climbing up and down. That way, your and the ladder’s center of gravity are aligned together.
  5. Once you are done working with the ladder, close and lay it flat on the ground. If you have pets or kids living with you, it is a huge health hazard. It is best if you place it back where you store the ladder.

Ohuhu 12.5 feet Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

Telescoping Ladder, Ohuhu Upgraded 12.5 FT Aluminum One-Button Retraction Extension Ladder ANSI Certified Retractable Collapsible Ladders, Telescopic Compact Ladder for Home RV Loft 330 Pound Capacity
  • One Button Retraction: Convenience is key! That’s why we’ve designed this ladder with easy one button retraction. Simply press down on the...
  • Premium Aluminum Alloy: The Ohuhu Telescopic Extension Ladder is crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy. It’s lightweight and easy to carry...
  • Rock-Solid Stability: This ladder is as sturdy as they come, with a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs! Non-slip end caps hold the base firmly in...
  • Safe to Use: No more pinched fingers! The telescoping ladder’s high quality construction ensures that each section expands and retracts safely....
  • Extreme Versatility: This telescopic ladder is the homeowner’s best friend. Thanks to its maximum height of 12.5 ft (3.8m), the Ohuhu Telescope...

A heavy duty product with a weight capacity of 330 lbs, Ohuhu Telescoping Ladders meets EN131 and SGS European safety standards. It is constructed using a high-quality aluminum alloy that imparts durability and superior strength. Convenient to use, the ladder has a one-button retraction. All you have to do is press the button down until the ladder retracts. It is fitted with non-slip end caps that hold the ladder firmly in place even on uneven ground.

Don’t worry about getting your fingers pinched while extending the ladder because it has locking pins that hold each step in place securely. It has a maximum height of 12.5 feet, making it perfect for all your RV needs. You can use it to do everything from cleaning the rooftop to adding lights to the exteriors. It comes with a one-year limited warranty during which you can return the product any time if you don’t like. You can also purchase an extended warranty.


  1. One button retraction
  2. Self-locking pins at every step
  3. One year limited warranty


  1. Not durable or ideal for regular use
  2. Wreaks of a strong plastic bleach

OxGord Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder

Telescoping Ladder 12.5 FT Extension Telescopic Ladders - Lightweight Aluminum Portable Best for Multi-Use in Home Attic & RV Work Expandable Retractable - Foldable with One Button Collapsible Folding
  • RETRACTS WITH ONE BUTTON: Introducing the most user-friendly ladder you’ll ever own! We developed our portable extending ladder specifically...
  • RETRACTS WITH ONE BUTTON: Introducing the most user-friendly ladder you’ll ever own! We developed our portable extending ladder specifically...
  • RETRACTS WITH ONE BUTTON: Introducing the most user-friendly ladder you’ll ever own! We developed our portable extending ladder specifically...
  • NO MORE PINCHED FINGERS! Incredibly safe to use, our ladder utilizes a hydraulic system to form air pockets in the posts in order slow down each...
  • SUPERIOR STABILITY: Our adjustable collapsible ladder is engineered with high-quality durable aluminum alloy, non-slip traction feet, and...

Fitted with non-slip feet grips and an expandable height of 12 feet, the OxGord Telescopic Ladder comes with EN131, CE, and SGS certifications. Every step has a simple yet efficient two-pin locking system that holds the ladder’s structure in place while you get the job done. It should be used at an angle of 75 degrees for most secure functioning. You can use it to access the rooftop of your RV effortlessly.

The multi-purpose telescopic ladder can bear up to 330 lbs, and itself weighs 24.2 pounds. You will receive a user manual and ladder cover along with the ladder package. When you aren’t using the ladder, make sure you cover it to protect from dust, water, and heat. You get a one-year parts warranty on the purchase.


  1. Constructed using heavy-duty, high-quality aluminum
  2. Weight bearing capacity of 33 lbs
  3. One year warranty from the manufacturer


  1. Lacks storage space on top steps
  2. Flimsy connecting material used

Luis Ladders Aluminum Ladder

With upgraded stability and strong construction, Luis Ladders is known for its smooth operating mechanisms. Each rung has double grip handles that give you maximum support while you are climbing the ladder. Make sure you don’t keep your hand or fingers over the locking pins when you are extending it because the fingers can get pinched in them. It meets the European Safety Standard EN131, which is one of its biggest advantages. The compact and lightweight ladder can bear up to 330 lb of maximum load.

It is available in two heights — 12.5 and 16.5 feet. It is a four-way combination ladder system ladder, which means you can use it as a telescopic ladder, stairway step ladder, two scaffold bases, and twin stepladder. The 16.5 feet variant weighs 43.4 lbs. The skid-proof design is complaint with skid resistant design standards. It comes with a one year warranty on workmanship and defect.


  1. Multipurpose use makes it perfect for RV users
  2. Available in two heights
  3. Skid-proof design and European Safety Standard EN131 complaint


  1. Little wobbly when fully extended
  2. Difficult to change positions

Xaestival 10.5ft Telescoping Ladder

The Xaestival Telescoping Ladder has an extendable height of 10.5 feet and is designed for maximum stability and safety. Each rung is one feet in length, so the ladder has total 10 steps. However, for your safety and balance, only climb until the fourth step from the top. You can use the ladder to change bulbs, clean windows, and while decorating your RV. It is constructed using corrosion-resistant quality aluminum alloy and supports up to 330 lbs. When it retracts, the ladder is only ¼ th its height, so storing it in your RV won’t be a problem.

It comes with a heavy-duty strap to hold the closed ladder steps in place while storing or transporting the ladder. It weighs only 20.2 lbs. It is 45 cm wide at the top and 16 to 18” wide at the bottom. You will get a one year manufacturer’s warranty on defects and parts.


  1. One year manufacturer’s warranty
  2. Heavy-duty strap to close the ladder for easy handling
  3. Easy to store


  1. Ladder tends to bend when you extend it completely
  2. Material quality could have been better

DAPP Inc Aluminum Telescopic Ladder

16.5 Ft Aluminum Telescopic Ladder Telescoping A-Type Extension Multi Purpose
  • High quality 5 m (16.5) foldable telescopic style ladder Foldable design, convenient to use and easy to carry around Great helper for both indoor...
  • Locking levels with locking mechanism Approved by European Safety Standard EN131
  • Mainly made of premium aluminum alloy Number of Ladder Step: 8*2 G.W.: about 19.00Kg / 41.80lb Max. Load: 150kg/330lb
  • Approx. Size: 99cm x 47cm/39 x 18.5in (Folded--L&W); 5m/16.5ft (Unfolded Height) A-shape Length: 2.5m + 2.5m/8.2ft + 8.2ft
  • Packing List: 1 x Folding Telescopic Ladder 1 x Instruction

Available in sizes including 12.5 and 16.5 feet, the DAPP Inc Aluminum Telescopic Ladder is convenient to use and carry around. It meets European Safety Standard EN131, which is a necessity while purchasing a ladder. You can use the ladder in three interchangeable positions including a telescopic ladder, twin stepladder, and two scaffold ladder. Constructed using premium quality aluminum alloy, you’ve both variants have a weight bearing capacity of 330 lbs. The package that is delivered to the customers includes one instruction manual, which will come in handy while changing positions.

Each rung is secured with a securing pin, which offers added support while climbing up the ladder. The top three shelves are strong enough to hold your tools, paint and brushes, and other things. However, make sure to not cross the weight-bearing limit. Like other products on the list, this one too comes with a one year warranty. DAPP Inc is known for their wonderful customer service, so in case the package you receive is faulty or you don’t like the ladder, you can replace it.


  1. One year warranty from the manufacturer
  2. Top three shelves can hold the weight
  3. Maximum weight bearing capacity of 330 lbs


  1. Heavier than usual aluminum ladders
  2. Delayed delivery


This Portable RV Aluminum Ladder is our pick and what we recommend to get from the above options because you can use it in four different ways. When you live in an RV, your biggest goal is to find something that has multipurpose use, and this ladder perfectly fits with it. You can use it for doing anything from changing bulbs to cleaning the windows of your RV. The ladder comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer and maximum weight loading capacity of 330 lbs.