RV Backup Cameras: Go Wireless Quickly and Easily

Even if your truck did not come with a backup camera, now is the time to get it added to the list of safety features for your vehicle. And while you are making life easier when hooking up your truck to the trailer, why not install a backup camera on the rear of your trailer too? These are installed on most large RV’s as they are difficult to park. And it just makes good sense to have one at the rear of a travel trailer too.

RV backup camera install on travel trailer
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What is an RV Backup Camera?

A backup camera is installed at the back of your vehicle and instantly sends images of what’s behind you as soon as you put your car into reverse. These work slightly different than what a usual camera does. A normal camera usually sends reversed images. Therefore if you were supposed to take a right turn, you would end up taking a left turn. However, a backup camera sends exactly the replica of images captured.

Benefits of using an RV Backup Camera

  • Minimizes fatal accidents by expanding your field of vision. It enables you to see beyond the width of the captured images thereby eliminating blind spots.
  • A backup camera comes with a parking assistance system that directs you by providing an expanded view of the obstacles behind you. It also rings a warning tone as soon as your vehicle is expected to hit something.
  • The modern color displays change the color of its guidelines from green to yellow to red the moment your car is about to hit an obstruction.
  • A Backup Camera for an RV also consists of infrared lights which enable you to drive through the dark without losing directions or hitting an object or a person.
  • This camera is much easier to install without the need for external assistance.

Important factors to consider while purchasing an RV Backup Camera

1. Is there a need for programming before installation? – A new camera for a vehicle may require an authorization code or official programming from a licensed dealer. After-market installations in case of some vehicles turn out to be a cumbersome process. If the brand of your back up camera is somewhat similar to the manufacturer’s actual feature, programming requirements may be just the same.

2. Availability of parking assistance – Majority of the backup camera’s provide parking directions on the display screen. However, you need to ensure that you do not miss out on this feature. You will be able to have a rough idea of the space behind your vehicle. This will prevent any kind of mishap. Certain backup camera’s provide you with an option to deselect the parking assistance feature during installation in case you do not want it.

3. The viewing angle –Some backup cameras provide a 360 degrees viewing angle while there are some that provide 190 degrees. The viewing angle decides to what extent you can see beyond the width of the captured images. Wider the angle, the more expanded your view will be.

4. Night vision feature –You need to ensure that the camera you are considering to buy works well in low light conditions. There must be installed infrared lights to provide you with a clear vision during the dark hours of the day and also to avoid fatal accidents.

5. An image sensor – There are two kinds of sensors that a backup camera uses – CCD and CMOS. A CMOS sensor consumes less power and performs best in low-light conditions while a CCD sensor is better in managing fluctuations in light conditions. The selection of image sensor boils down to the kind of environment you drive in regularly. If you drive mostly at nights, a CMOS sensor would be the best option for you. However, if there are no well-defined timings, you may opt for a CCD sensor.

Furrion Vision S Black 4.3″ Vehicle Observation System

Furrion Vision S 4.3 Inch Wireless RV Backup System with 1 Rear Sharkfin Camera, Infrared Night Vision and Wide Viewing Angle - FOS43TASF
  • Easy & Quick Installation: Vision S Sharkfin Camera is an easy plug and play for pre-prepped RVs, eliminating extensive drilling requirements....
  • Durable and intelligent camera system: Includes a High Resolution (720x480) IP65 waterproof camera with infrared night vision, live streaming,...
  • 4.3" Touch Screen Anti-glare Monitor: Comes with park assist marker lines. The windshield and table mount allow for easy viewing.
  • Long Range Signal Strength: The 2.4GHz wireless communication digitally locks to the camera systems which makes it safe and reliable for all...
  • Microphone & Motion Detection: Automatically detects movement behind your RV to auto awake the display. The rear camera also includes a...

Furrion Vehicle Observation System will help you remove your blind spots and drive safely in the dark. It gives you a 360 degrees view of the area you are traveling in. Its high-resolution live streaming cameras are designed for each side of your vehicle enabling you to reverse your car safely. Furrion Vehicle Observation System is a wireless device that comes with a night vision IP65 waterproof camera best suited for low light conditions and can be used for vehicle safety and surveillance.


  1. Its rear assist grid lines provide you parking assistance thereby saving your time.
  2. Its anti-glare monitor automatically adjusts itself for color, contrast, and brightness irrespective of which time of the day it is.
  3. The security camera auto-wake automatically turns on and displays the camera image as soon as it detects the car in motion.
  4. Vision S wide angle and one-way audio will help you reverse your car safely by providing an expansive view. It can also be installed on the back of your car for additional security.
  5. Its infrared night vision helps you detect things clearly at nights.


  1. This model does not support multiple camera setups.

ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit

ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit,No Interference,IP69 Waterproof Wireless Rear View Camera + 7’’ LCD Wireless Reverse Monitor for RV/Truck/Trailer/Bus/Camper/5th Wheel (W01-7 inch)
  • 【Easy Installation】It Won’t Take more than 2 Minutes to Install The Monitor,As soon as You Plugged It to the Cigarette lighter,Then It...
  • 【Backup camera No Interference】Totally Upgrade 2nd Generation Digital Wireless with 100% No Interference,Camera Wireless Signal Can Stay...
  • 【HD 7 inches Monitor】The Picture is Clearer Than Most Similar Products. Advanced IPS Technology Created a monitor which Fast Response and...
  • 【Wireless Rear View Camera】18 Infrared Lights and CCD Sensor,Digital High definition Image Processor Will Present Superior Night Vision For...
  • 【Wide Application】Voltage Range From 12-24V DC Power for Most of the Vehicle,Such as RV/Semi-Trailer/Box Truck/5th Wheel/Trailer/Bus

This wireless camera provides smooth assistance even at a speed of 75 miles per hour. Which no one backs up at at that speed. But you can use it for a monitoring system while traveling on the road. In case of an accident, you have footage of it.

Its digital high definition image processor provides you with a clear night vision. This Digital Wireless Backup Camera takes less than 2 minutes for installation. Once you install it, its monitor operates on its own.


1. It is super easy to install saving your time and extra assistance.
2. Presence of a digital image processor enables you to drive safely at nights.
3. Its camera functions smoothly even at higher speeds.


1. Its wireless camera may not operate properly due to the interference of broadband and emergency head units.
2. Its quality may turn out to be poor.
3. Customer service can be lagging at times.

Digital Wireless Backup Camera for RV, Trailers, Camper, Caravan

Wireless Backup Camera for RV HD 1080P with 7 Inch DVR Monitor High-Speed Rear View Observation System for RVs Trucks Trailers 5th Wheels with Adapter Compatible with Furrion Pre-Wired RV Rohent R9
  • 【Note】: Unique digital signal dedicated antenna design: Our antenna is designed only for the transmission of digital signals, which is more...
  • 【4 Video Inputs & Single or Split Screen】: This R9 vehicle backup cameras,four wireless video channels monitoring four cameras. For the extra...
  • 【7 INCH Monitor with Recording Function】: The R9 car security products with large 7-inch monitor and fully functioning video recording,...
  • 【Upgraded Wireless Backup Camera with 170°Wide View Angle】: 1080P HD wireless backup camera with the wide lens can provide a 170-degrees...
  • 【High Compatibility & Reliable Customer Service and 2-year Warranty】: This R9 rear view camera be designed specially for RVs Trucks Trailers...

Its wireless signal can provide uninterrupted assistance even if the car is running at a speed of 100 miles per hour. The Digital Wireless Backup Camera also includes an external antenna that strengthens the signal to a greater extent. It also transmits auto video signals. Its IP69K waterproof camera beats bad weather easily and is fog resistant along with enabling night vision for its users. Its monitor contains 2-way video input which means an additional wireless front or rear view camera can be added to the current system. The monitor can be fixed anywhere on your car as per your preference.


  1. The monitor can automatically start or stop subject to power availability. A car charger adaptor is provided to switch on or off the monitor easily.
  2. During daytime, the pictures on the monitor screen are of HD quality.
  3. Its waterproof camera comes along with a night vision capability.
  4. The system can be manually programmed the way you like.
  5. The monitor can be installed anywhere whether it is the windshield or the back of your car.


  1. The camera may not be waterproof as stated. Moisture on the inside may make the resulting image terrible.
  2. The antenna system may not function properly. It may freeze unexpectedly.

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with 7″ Display

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with 7" Display (Black) RVS-770613
  • Color CCD backup camera with 130 degree viewing angle.
  • 18 infra red lights allow you to see up to 50 feet even in the darkest night
  • Backup camera is completely waterproof with an IP69K rating
  • 7" DIGITAL TFT LCD rear view color monitor with universal mount
  • System comes complete with a 66' cable with aircraft grade connections and all components necessary for installation.

The Rear View Safety Backup Camera System includes a color CCD backup camera with a viewing angle of 130 degrees. 18 infrared lights installed within the system allow you to see up to 50 feet on the darkest of nights. The backup camera is resistant to water with a rating of IP69K. The entire system consists of a 66’ cable with aircraft grade connections and other necessary components for installation purposes.


  1. The backup camera has the highest IP rating of IP69K which ensures that it will work no matter what the weather condition is.
  2. 800*480 pixel resolution of the monitor provides a clear and sharp digital image from the backup camera view.
  3. The system includes a three-channel multiplexer which means it can handle up to two additional cameras apart from the one already installed in the system.
  4. 18 infra-red lights help you to see through the dark irrespective of whether the ambient light is present or not. You can see up to 50 feet in the darkness.
  5. The distance grid lines displayed on the monitor gives you an idea on how much space is left behind you.
  6. Built-in mic and speaker systems are installed in the backup camera to transmit visual as well as aural information at the right time.
  7. The auto dimming feature adjusts the brightness of light on the monitor depending upon the ambient light. For instance, it will turn super bright during the day time and grow dimmer at nights.
  8. The ultra-wide viewing angle provides a complete rear view ensuring your complete safety.


  1. The video quality may not be good enough for viewing on larger screens
  2. The on-screen function menu may sometimes appear inverted.
  3. The night-time performance of this camera may not up to the stated extent.

Backup Camera with Monitor Kit for RV with 9 inch Monitor, 175 Degree Wide View HD

Backup Camera with Monitor Kit for RV, Van, Totally Upgraded Super 9 inch Adjustable Stable Monitor, 175 Degree Wide View HD Small Rear View Cam for Bus, Campers, 5th Wheel, Motorhome
  • SUPER HD CAMERA: The kit includes a sophisticated infrared Night Vision camera with a 6 layer filter glass that features latest built-in CCD...
  • AWESOME SUPER LARGE HD SCREEN: With an 800*480 high resilution 9’’ large screen, 2 video inputs & DVD support, our Parking Assistance System...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Designed with fully sealed glue filling craft, our backup camera boasts an international IP68 Standard Waterproof level. Enjoy...
  • PERFECTLY VERSATILE: Our rear view camera offers universal video experience and perfectly cover 99% of large vehicle types like a bus, box truck,...
  • TOTAL AUTOMATION: Our Back Up Camera for rv will automatically catch reversing signal when reversing starts no matter it is in AV1 or AV2....

A sophisticated infrared night vision camera with a 6 layer filter glass makes your night vision as sharper and brighter as a daylight vision. Its monitor is installed with a parking assistance system that provides superior HD and enhanced video image experience. This system is rated an IP68 thereby confirming its superior performance even during rain and violent storms. The rear view camera covers large vehicles like a bus or a truck and provides universal video experience.


  • 1. The backup camera is waterproof and is resistant to fog, mist, rain or violent storms.
  • 2. Its large HD monitor covers almost every feature including a parking assistance system as well.
  • 3. The monitor can be placed anywhere on the car.


  • 1. The monitor can turn out to be too big in size and can be difficult to install in certain areas of your car.
  • 2. Its remote system may stop working.

Here’s how to Install a Backup Camera on the rear side of a travel trailer:


This Backup Observation System is perfect when it comes to choosing the best backup camera for an RV. It includes all the essential features that a vehicle would require its backup camera to perform. These features include parking assistance, supporting night vision, providing a 360 degrees view of the surroundings, an anti-glare monitor and a security camera auto-wake feature. It is an all-in-one backup camera that’s easy to install and easier to use.