10 Unwritten Rules/Tips For RV Camping and Campsite Etiquette – Don’t Do These!

Here we go with that Boondocking word again. Can’t I just pull off the side of the highway at a rest stop, or even stop at a Walmart parking lot?

While yes – yes you can.

Just don’t expect that amazing campground on the beach where everyone wants to be to have a spot waiting for you… on the 4th of July weekend. It ain’ gonna happen.

Oh come on! It’s an air conditioner. It’s got one job – cool me down.

It will, but it won’t be able to keep your camper at 68F when it’s 92F. Most likely you’ll be in the sun and with all that extra heat coming in the door, and vents from your other appliances – that tiny air conditioner (You have to pull it – it was meant to be light weight remember) won’t be able to keep up with your demands on it.

It’s going to be OK. Go jump in the lake.

Mobile RV repair techs also have one job. Go ahead and guess what it is….. I’ll wait.

You guessed it!! RV repair.

For some insane reason, when an RV trailer breaks down the first place that everyone thinks to call is the RV dealer. Like when your car/truck breaks down, do you call the guy that sold it to you? Nope – you call AAA, your mechanic, or a tow truck.

There’s nothing quite like listening to your neighbors shouting at the TV when the game is on. Outside with the volume cranked up – swearing and drunk in the middle of a family campground.

Don’t be that guy.

Or park right up front in all 5 spots that are open and hope you don’t have a flat tire when you get out.

Up to you.

Most states I travel through this is a LAW. People still do it, but you shouldn’t.

I know that you wanted to get to your spot on Friday night after a long week and traffic for days. We all know, and we have all been there.

But until you have been sleeping for 45 minutes on that same Friday night that your next door neighbors get in late and decide to setup the entire campsite, then same night you don’t know this one.

Just pull in and get some rest. If you are getting parked this late – you need it anyways.

Cigars. Here’s one that probably is breaking some kind of discrimination law to post on a sign. But they want to. 

Unless you love the smell of cigars and you know 100% for a fact that everyone around you within 100ft loves the smell of your special cigars – just don’t. You might get a few moments of pleasure and a bunch of not-so-friendly neighbors.

Your porch lights and fancy Palm Trees lights are for when you are outside to enjoy them. Once you go inside and can no longer enjoy them – your neighbors don’t want to enjoy them all night long.

When you are watching the AZ guide on RV camping, there are going to be a few tips or pieces of wisdom that you are going to believe don’t apply to you. This one does. 

Do you walk into a bathroom that has 6 stalls and stand/sit right next to the only other person in there? Same rules here. People like a to camp because they like a little space. And when there is space to share – go ahead and share that space between the 2 of you.

This applies when you are out camping on BLM land or out in some wilderness areas where it can be a free for all. You wouldn’t want neighbors rolling up 10′ from you and firing up the generator the second they pulled in, so don’t do it to other campers. 

The Unwritten Rules of Camping Video: