5 Expensive Trailer Towing Mistakes Most Owners Continue to Make

While it’s an exciting time for the entire family, the person behind the wheel can be a little overwhelmed the first maiden voyage with a new trailer. Depending on the size of your RV, it’s most likely a pull that you won’t soon forget. I know my first time I white-knuckled that steering wheel until my hands got sore.

Without properly matching your truck (or other tow-vehicle) to the trailer, you risk a couple expensive mistakes. Too small of a truck, and you’ll be burning through transmissions and other drive train components that you’d rather not replace. 

With a larger trailer, the brake control is vital in assisting slowing down the entire rig with relying solely on the trucks brakes to stop. Just don’t turn it up too high and have the trailer do all the work here. If the trailer is on the small side, you risk is skidding or hopping behind you and damaging all the contents in the trailer. 

A close 2nd to the above pointer: All weight in the truck has to be added up. Not just what the owners manual of the truck says that it weighs goes into the calculations. 

People. Tools. Generators. Golf Carts. Motorcycles. Toys. It all adds up in or on the truck.

Trailer Tires. Have you figured just how important these little guys are yet? 

In video 1 and now. Trailer Tire Basics are a vital bit to getting to where you want to go, and not on the side of the road 1/3 of the way there.  

Uncle Bill may or may not know what your truck and trailer hookup needs. You know who does? The dealer. If you are going to pull that thing down the road, invest in a good setup here. It’ll last longer than your travel trailer does.

I like to get an oversized set of sway bars so I can use them on more than just the little camper. 

Here is a great list of pre-tip checks from RVShare.

We won’t cover all the necessary checks here, just know that when you miss one it can get expensive to fix up in a hurry. For example, leaving you antenna up can easily get ripped off and cause all kinds of roof damage and fun water leaks to fix. 

And that’s if it get’s taken out by a tree or sign. What about all those data and power cables out there?

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Don't make these expensive RV Towing Mistakes: