RV Coffee Makers: Great Coffee, Less Hassle

Which RV Coffee Maker is best for you?

Let’s talk a little bit about one of nature’s wonder. After all, we got into this whole camping thing to get out doors didn’t we?

Coffee. It can make the most sleep deprived and “up all night partying to hard mornings” a bit more enjoyable. Even if it was just the neighbors doing the late night shenanigans, a great cup of coffee can set the tone for the rest of the day.

But you are in a travel trailer kitchen with limited space and even smaller (if non-existent) countertop space, right? Enter the space saving coffee makers just for the RV to save the morning and you from un-hooking that trailer and heading home without everyone you towed along at the start.

12 volt Coffee Makers for the RV: No Generator Needed

All the outlets in the kitchen in my Toy Hauler are 3-prong 120v plugs. There aren’t any 12v outlets at all. And 120v outlets only get power when we are plugged into shore power or when the loud generator is humming away. But who wants to fire up a large generator to make a cup of morning coffee? Not me and hopefully not my neighbors. So brewing up a cup of coffee on 12v is a good idea. Just don’t kill that battery all the way before you get the generator fired up.

The biggest drawback to a 12 volt coffee maker is that they are not designed for use inside a trailer. They were designed for use inside the cab of a vehicle. Maybe someday they will be, but I have not found one yet. What is currently available are 12v coffee pots that have a 12v cigarette lighter connection end. A cigarette lighter. (Do they make vehicles in 2022 with those in them still?)

Compact Coffee Makers for the RV (countertop)

This is my personal choice for the perfect camping life Cup-of-Joe. I’m the only soldier up early and there are not any othercoffee lovers in my trailer. So I get to make all the decisions in this small corner of the world, and I lean towards the laziest option, the single K-cup brewer. Not the silly big family sized one that can hold 9 cups of water and will drain itself in your cupboard if you forget to empty it.

The single cup, compact coffee maker can fit easily into minimal cupboard space in an RV, and can stay in there too. I can access the water fill, K-cup, and the power button when it’s in the cupboard, so I don’t even pull it out. Just stick the coffee cup in there and hit the “bring me to life” button.

What about under-the-cabinet coffee maker’s to go in the RV as a space saving option?

Personally, I like to save that space for can openers, spice racks, or other awesome kitchen organization hacks. The benefits of mounting a coffee maker to the underside of a cabinet compared to the steep price of what they cost is a bit to lopsided for me.

There are a few name brands that make these and I don’t recommend any of them. Not because I don’t like using them, just because there are much better options to spend your cash on and save it for fuel for the truck. Let’s get into a few!

Quality, Durability, and Maintenance

When selecting the a coffee machine to go on the road in you RV with you there are a lot of options with even more features to comb through. I always put quality and durability at the very top of my list. After all, it’s not just sitting on a counter at home. You’ll be putting it through more stress than a typical coffee maker has ever dreamed of. Out on bumpy roads, taking it in and out of cabinets everyday, or outside on the picnic table for everyone your camping with to use.

Job-site Quality Construction Coffee

The CoffeeBoxx from OXX stands up to the beating that construction workers demand of their tools. These guys know that they a heavy duty, durable design and over the top quality construction to hold up to this environment.

Camping in an RV my not come close to the rough conditions that the jobsite offers, but if this bad-boy can hold up to that it’ll stand up to being bumped around that cabinet and forgotten outside by the campfire a time or two.

Family-Sized Coffee

When a little single cup brewer can’t keep up with your family’s coffee demands, you’re going to have to step it up to a double-walled, vacuum-sealed, stainless steel 12 cup thermal carafe.

This won’t have the convenience of the little k-cups you can pop in and out, but it’ll keep up with the 2-4 people all needing coffee before they kill each other mornings.

Percolator or French Press?

I can see the appeal to percolating coffee while out in the wilderness. You’re still going to need to heat your water up over the fire from the night before or on the propane stove (which also saves you from firing up the generator just for coffee). But I don’t do either. I don’t perk and I don’t press – I Coffee.

Really, I Keep Calm after I’ve Coffeed.

But first, Coffee.

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