RV Kitchen Faucet: Don’t overlook this detail

A Guide For Buying The Best RV Kitchen Faucet

Buying the perfect kitchen faucet for your RV is important because it can make or break the interiors of your travel home. It can be an overwhelming decision because there are so many options to choose from. Before you start going through options, there’s some background work you need to do so that you don’t spend too much time making a choice.

When it comes to buying an RV kitchen faucet, you have to be extra careful as the size matters a LOT.

Things to before hand

If you buy a faucet, which is too big, the water will fall out of the sink and if it is too small, you will take a lot of time to clean the dishes. Let’s take a look four things you need to remember before buying an RV kitchen faucet:

1. Sink Design

Not all sink designs and kitchen faucet patterns go together, so you need to find out what is the design of your kitchen sink. You also need to check how many faucet hole the sink design has as it allows you to opt for a kitchen faucet that comes with multiple features.

2. Check water supply lines

The kitchen faucet should be compatible with your RV’s water supply lines. Check the water line size and shut off valve size under the sink. New faucets usually are fitted with 3/8″ flex lines but sinks come with 1/2″ flex lines. If that’s the case, then you will have to change the sink shut off valves to 3/8″ flex lines.

3. Built-in Water filtration system

You are constrained for space in an RV. Instead of purchasing water bottles daily and adding to plastic pollution, you can buy a kitchen faucet that comes with an in-built water filtration system. It is an expensive investment but saves money in the long run and is eco-friendly as well.

4. Aerated spout

Always purchase a kitchen faucet with an aerated spout as it is a huge water-saver. It mixes water with air to create an illusion that a lot of water is flowing out of the faucet. If you want go a step ahead, you can purchase a touchless electronic faucet, as it shuts the water flow automatically when no one’s using it.

Different types of RV kitchen faucets

There are so many beautiful and innovative kitchen faucets to choose from. Here are six types of faucets that are good choices for an RV kitchen:

1. Single handle faucet

A basic style, the single handle faucet is the perfect choice for a small kitchen sink. Go for this choice only if there is a lot of distance between the faucet and the wall or window behind it shouldn’t hit anything while the faucet rotates.

2. Double handle faucet

Double handle faucet is most traditional kind of faucet you will find. One handle is for cold water, while the other one is for hot water. You can mount the handles separately or they come attached to the baseplate. Adjusting the water temperature is more efficient with a double handle faucet.

3. Pot-filler faucet

Commonly found in restaurant kitchens, a pot-filler faucet is a wall-mount faucet that is installed over or near the stove. You can move it around easily and fold the articulated arms when not in use. It is a convenient choice when you want to fill up the entire pot as you can place it on the stove and fill it up.

4. Bar faucet

Bar faucets are used as secondary faucets in high-end kitchens but you can use it as the primary faucet in your RV kitchen. It is smaller than an average-sized kitchen faucet and takes up very little space.

Pull out extendable RV Kitchen Faucet5. Pull-out & pull-down faucet

A pull-out & pull-down faucet is a single handle faucet with a detachable hose and spout.

A magnetic lock holds the hose in position when you aren’t using the feature. It makes cleaning of fruits, vegetables, and meat an easy task.

Cleaning the sink is also convenient as it reaches all parts of the sink easily.

6. Hands-free faucet

Built with advanced technology, a hands-free faucet has an activator in the front to start and shut the flow of water. You can deactivate the feature and turn the faucet into a manual one whenever you want.

Features to look out for:

Modern kitchen faucets come with many attractive features that make our lives more comfortable and luxurious.

1. Finish

Chrome is the most durable and common faucet finish. You can go for more expensive bronze or nickel finishes as well.

2. Temperature

Single handle faucets can maintain a pre-set temperature. A double handle faucet has two faucets that can help you adjust the temperature.

3. Stream/spray selector

The faucet comes fitted with a button on top to switch between spray and stream water mode. The on/off position looks the same, but you can run water to check which mode is active.

JAKARDA RV Non-metallic Kitchen Faucet

RV Non-metallic Kitchen Faucet Two Handle-8" Main Body-High Arch-360 Swivel Replace For Motorhomes, Travel Trailers,Campers (8"HIGH ARCH)
  • Chrome finish, metal aerator make wishing effectively and save water
  • Metal 360 swivel 10.63" high arch spout provide maximum durability
  • ABS plastic 8" main body for motorhomes, campers, trailers
  • Lever handles with quarter-turn stops
  • Easy intallment, 1/2 threaded male inlet shanks

A stylish RV kitchen faucet with chrome finish, RV Non-metallic Kitchen Faucet has an 8” ABS frame. It is lightweight and easy to install, making it an ideal choice for RV or travel trailers. It comes with ½” threaded male inlet shanks, which can easily fit in the standard ½” flex lines of the sink valves.

The two handle faucet rotates 360 degrees, so make sure it doesn’t hit the wall or window behind as it will weaken the build. It comes fitted with a metal aerator, which helps to save water and adds force to the flow. The faucet has lever handles only turn a quarter for better temperature control and smooth operation.


  1. The long-lasting chrome finish makes the ABS plastic faucet look expensive
  2. Metal aerator helps to save water and control water flow
  3. The faucet has lever handles for smooth operation and temperature control
  4. Universal size threaded male inlet shanks for smooth installation
  5. Affordable double handle faucet, which is the perfect size for an RV kitchen
  6. Installation is simple and quick


  1. Fragile needs to be handled with care
  2. Sometimes turns yellowish after prolonged use

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull-out Kitchen Faucet

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet,Single Level Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer
  • Sleek Design---Tulip kitchen faucet design make your kitchen room simple and fresh,easy to match most sink.
  • Multifunctional Outlet Water Effect---3 way spray setting(STREAM,SPRAY,PAUSE),stream for filling water, spray for rinsing, pause for avoiding...
  • Easy to Install---Pull down hose and water Line hose altogether preinstalled in kitchen faucet to save much time under the sink,no require...
  • Easy to Operate---Single handle control water temperature and flow volume easily,high arc 360 degree swivel spout supply full range washing...
  • Easy to Maintenance---Superior corrosion & rust-resistant finish prevent dirty from sticking to faucet surface, clean faucet by cloth is enough...

This Pull-out Kitchen Faucet is a stylish and elegant faucet ideal for RV homes. The water line hose and pull down hose come preinstalled with the faucet, which makes it easy to install. You can fit it yourself in less than 30 minutes without requiring fancy plumbing instruments. It comes with an extendable hose that extends up to 20 inches, enabling an easy and thorough clean.

The faucet’s most attractive feature is the Multifunctional Outlet Water Effect, which is a three-way spray setting — spray, stream, and pause. You can use the stream function for filling water, spray for cleaning the sink and produce, and pause for stopping the flow when your hands are full. It is coated with a corrosion-proof and dust-proof finish, making it easy to maintain.


  1. Spout turns 360 degrees for a better cleaning mechanism
  2. Easy to install as the water line hose and pull down hose comes preinstalled
  3. Extendable hose ensures thorough cleaning
  4. Three-way spray setting saves water
  5. Easy to maintain and control the temperature


  1. Expensive compared to other faucets mentioned in the list
  2. Flow is slower than that of an average RV kitchen faucet

Wholesale Plumbing RV / Mobile Home Kitchen Sink Faucet

An RV / Travel Trailer Kitchen Sink Faucet by Wholesale Plumbing, the kitchen fixture is available in three finishes. These include stainless steel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze. Wholesale plumbing is one of the few companies that offer a five-year warranty on their RV kitchen fixtures. It has a brass spout that rotates 360 degrees, while the waterways and the washerless cartridge is constructed using lightweight premium quality plastic.

It has non-metallic waterways, which protect the faucet from catching rust and prolongs its life. The faucet comes with ½” threaded male water inlet shanks, which fits into a standard size sink valve size. It is 14.5” in height and complements traditional kitchen decor. It comes fitted with a metal aerator, which you can take out if you don’t need it.


  1. Lightweight premium quality plastic waterways keep away rust
  2. Rotates 360 degrees for better cleaning
  3. Available in three unique corrosion-resistant finishes
  4. Two handle faucet design enables effective water temperature adjustments
  5. Easy to install, takes less than 30 minutes
  6. Looks elegant and perfect fit for a traditional or mid-century contemporary RV kitchen


  1. Not sturdy for prolonged use
  2. The finish starts falling apart in a couple of years

Dura Faucet RV Hi-Rise Kitchen Faucet

Dura Faucet DF-PK210S-WT Hi-Rise RV Kitchen Sink Faucet with Smoked Acrylic Knobs (White)
  • Features | This faucet boasts an elegant and classic exterior, and two smoked crystal acrylic knobs to adjust temperature and water pressure....
  • Design | The hi-rise styling of this faucet is the perfect solution for updating your sink. This unit is made with premium lightweight synthetic...
  • Quality | This dual knob faucet comes with an easy-to-turn design, and provides a smooth turning action, while preventing unwanted dripping. As...
  • Installation | If you are concerned about adequate space on your sink top to accommodate this faucet, don’t worry! It was made with a...
  • Specifications | Works on any 2-hole sink opening. Just over 10” high, and knobs are just under 3” high. Flow rate is 2 GPM. Drip-free...

This RV Hi-Rise Kitchen Faucet is an affordable product fitted with an elegant spout and two smoked crystal acrylic knobs. You can use the knobs to adjust water temperature and pressure. The high-rise design of the faucet fits into an RV kitchen effectively. It offers the aerated water flow feature and is fitted with top quality lightweight synthetic waterways. You have a choice to choose between two colors, which are white and bisque parchment.

The knobs are easy to rotate, a smooth mechanism that prevents unwanted water dripping. It only fits on a sink with two-hole openings. The entire faucet is 10” tall, while the knobs are 3” tall. It is easy to install and takes very little space, making it an excellent choice for RV kitchen.


  1. Simple and elegant design suits all types of RV interiors
  2. Two handle faucet for better water pressure and temperature control
  3. Knob design enables smooth mechanism
  4. Available in two colors — bisque parchment and white
  5. Affordable RV faucet made with durable quality material


  1. Only works on a 2-hole sink opening
  2. Install is a little tricky

Comllen High Arc Brushed Nickel, Pull-out Kitchen Faucet

Comllen Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer Modern Stainless Steel rv Kitchen Faucet, Single Lever Brushed Nickel Kitchen Sink Faucet Without Deck Plate
  • One Hole Easy Installation. Not included base plate to cover the sink holes. Please order separately.
  • Single Handle: easy control of hot and cold water.
  • Durable Brushed Steel Finish: resists tarnish and corrosion from daily use. Premium Ceramic Disc designer faucet: smooth stream/spray water flow,...
  • Dual Function Sprayer and 360 Degree Spout: Two function spray wand allows you to easily and ergonomically switch from spray to stream. High arch...
  • Warranty:No fee Lifetime replacement warranty and you're protected by a 100% money back guarantee ! Any issues of the faucet, please contact us!...

Easy to install and corrosion-resistant, this extendable pull out kitchen faucet is a perfect choice for a modern, contemporary kitchen. You don’t need a base plate for the installation, but if you want, you will have to purchase it separately. The faucet has a high-arc gooseneck design, which rotates 360 degrees. It is fitted with a drip-free ceramic cartridge and a pull-out hose that extends up to 20 inches, which allows you to clean all corners of the sink.

The top of the water outlet has the stream/spray button, which you can use to activate the ABS aerator. The single handle faucet allows easy handling of the water temperature. It is finished with durable nickel brush finish that resists corrosion and tarnish. It is fitted with both 1/2” and 3/8” water line size, so you can choose according to your RV’s water supply line.


  1. Blends well with all modern kitchen fixtures
  2. Easy installation
  3. Working mechanism is drip-free and smooth
  4. You can switch easily between spray and stream water flow mode
  5. Pull-out hose extends up to 20 inches for easy cleaning
  6. Affordable RV kitchen faucet offering superior quality


  1. Doesn’t come with a base plate
  2. The hose doesn’t close all the way

How to Replace your current Kitchens Faucet


This RV kitchen faucet is a clear winner and best choice for us in our trailer. It’s priced fair, and it’s the best one out there. The spouts turn 360 degrees, has a 20” extendable hose, and a simple mechanism to adjust water pressure and temperature. The three-way spray setting also helps to save water when it’s not readily available out boondocking in the hills and country side.