RV TV Antennas

When it comes to traveling, the first thing that pops up in your mind is to cut yourself from the rest of the world. However, you need not always stick with the same idea. Going places while being simultaneously aware of what’s going on in the other part of the world, sometimes helps you to stay at peace.

RV TV Antenna Old one with Bird Nest in it

But signals may always be an issue. RV TV antennas are the best way to stay informed and entertained while on a trip.

What is an RV TV antenna?

An RV TV antenna keeps you updated of the latest happenings in the world while you are away on a trip. The only thing you need to do is to install the RV TV antenna on the roof top of your RV without having to pay extra monthly bills, in most cases. Much different from the traditional antennas, the RV TV antennas covers a wide set of channels and can broadcast your favorite shows anytime you want.

Benefits of using an RV TV antenna

  • An RV TV antenna does not cover much of the space of your RV.
  • This antenna has the ability to cover strong signals from far away and yet produce crystal clear HD videos.
  • An RV TV antenna can be effortlessly installed on your RV without requiring any additional tools and external expertise. You can install them manually.
  • Most importantly, several RV TV antennas can be operated both in your backyard or gardens and also on camp or fishing sites.

Important factors to consider while purchasing an RV TV antenna

1. Signal reception coverage area

Make sure to check the extent to which your RV TV antenna can reach and capture signals and also the kind of satellites that it has access to. Antennas which cover a broader spectrum of area are the best ones to buy. In case of antennas that cover a small area, you might want to buy an antenna booster in order to attract far away signals.

2. The type of RV antenna you want to buy

While some antennas come for external use, there are some that come for internal use as well. However, some RV antennas can be used for both the locations. An antenna that has to be used for external purposes is usually bigger in size as compared to the one that can be operated indoors. The latter one is much compact in size.

3. Material your RV TV antenna is made of

Majority of the antennas are made of plastic, however, some are made of aluminium too. If you are willing to buy an RV TV antenna for external purposes, it is better to buy an aluminium one because they ensure durability of the antennas and also make them resistible to adverse weather conditions. Plastic antennas are more suited for internal use.

4. Whether your antenna sufficiently captures both UHF and VHF signals

Your RV TV antenna must be able to capture both UHF and VHF signals for better receptivity. However, there are some antennas that are good at capturing only the UHF signals. Make sure to check the product description before you make up your mind.

5. The weight of RV TV antennas

If you are purchasing an RV TV antenna exclusively for outdoor trips, antennas which are heavier in weight will be the best buy. This is because the bulkier antennas will be able to survive the places with strong wind and rains. For indoor use or for places that have normal weather conditions, you might want to consider buying a lightweight RV TV antenna.

6. WiFi or not?

Internet usage may be a crucial necessity especially when you visit remote places. Therefore, having a good internet network is must. There are few RV TV antennas that come with built-in WiFi capabilities that enable you to access internet anytime on the go.

KING Jack Head HDTV Directional Over-the-Air Antenna

The King Jack Replacement Over-the-Air Antenna is brought to you with the latest technology in order to serve you with the best directional over-the-air antenna over other peers. Its sleek design distinguishes it in terms of appearance and displays better signals for more free channels. This antenna is super easy to use as well. Its high tech design enables it to deliver a far more superior performance as compared to compact over-the-air TV antenna.

The King Jack over-the-air antenna is designed both for outdoors as well as residential use and has the ability to capture long-range signals. Its wide reception area enables it to capture and lock the available TV signals. Unlike the traditional TV antennas, these over-the-air TV antennas need not be rotated every time to deliver more channels.

The built-in amplifier ensures strong signals despite minimum rotation. Furthermore, King Jack antennas are 70 percent smaller in size than traditional antennas and are less resistant to wind. These antennas also have to offer 80 percent of new DTH channels.


  1. The King Jack Head Antenna has the ability to replace your traditional antenna in just about minutes without the need of any extra tools.
  2. This over-the-air antenna can be used both on outdoor trips and at homes.
  3. The best part is you would not have to pay monthly cable or satellite bills and can watch crystal clear HDTV free of cost.


  1. It may slightly be difficult to mount the antenna in the required angle.

Winegard RVW-395 Sensar IV White DTV/HD TV Antenna

The Winegard Sensar Antenna far exceeds the capabilities of a traditional antenna in receiving the digital TV signals. The antenna conveniently receives all VHF and UHF programming available within the range of 55 mile radius. This means you can watch all your favorite local shows in standard or clear HD. It also receives HD and SD local over the air television broadcast channels.

The antenna is powder coated in order to ensure long lasting durability. The Winegard Sensar Antenna has integrated the powerful Sensar III antenna with the UHF enhanced Wingman antenna for a better experience of TV viewing. You just need to raise, lower and rotate the antenna from inside your RV in order to have an amazing experience.


  1. The Winegard Sensar is exclusively optimized for all digital channels in all the markets.
  2. You can have uninterrupted flow of channels from as far as 55 miles.
  3. The powder coating makes it durable. The antennas are environmentally fit to use as they have been passed through intensive UV and environment testing.
  4. You can manually adjust the angle of the antennas for best reception of TV signals.


  1. The Winegard Sensar antenna may be difficult to install.
  2. It may not function efficiently in bad weather.

Winegard RZ-6000 RV TV Antenna HD, Digital, 4K Ready, ATSC 3.0  

Its optimal UHF reception and strong high-band VHF lets you watch your favorite shows no matter where you go. Its streamlined design and minimal footprints totally blends in with the contemporary design trends. You do not need to put in additional efforts to install the antenna or rotate it. It can easily replace the existing antenna unit. The super combination also includes antenna and mounting equipments. Furthermore, you do not need to pay monthly fees while using the antenna and can easily tune in to news and updates about weather conditions on the go.


  1. The Winegard antenna is very easy to use and install.
  2. Its sleek and aerodynamic design perfectly fits with the modern day designs.
  3. This antenna is durable and is resistant to fluctuating weather conditions.
  4. No monthly payments are required.


  1. There are a lot of restrictions when it comes to installation of the antenna.
  2. Its performance may not be as great as stated.

Omni-Directional Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Smartpass Amplifier & Noise-Free 4G Filter UHF/VHF Enhanced

The Antop Omni-Directional antenna has a wing for strengthening the VHF reception enabling more channel reception and elimination of blind spots such as CBS, Fox, The CW, PBS, etc. The antenna remains unaffected on windy or rainy days and also stays protected against UV, sun, storm, and snow. It can be used for multiple locations such as your home, RV, or can even be put to marine use.

Its streamline design provides it an edge over traditional antennas in terms of wind resistance and stable reception. As the name suggest, it is omni-directional which makes it a perfect fit for RVs. This single antenna performs the functions of multiple antennas and allows your family to enjoy free channels anytime and anywhere.


  1. The antenna is especially engineered to capture both VHF and UHF frequencies providing greater receptivity.
  2. Its compact size makes it an ideal fit for both indoor and outdoor locations.
  3. It has the ability to cover 360 degrees and stand firm against the wind.
  4. It does not require to be adjusted every alternate minute.


  1. The antenna may work well for UHF but performs poorly in case of VHF.
  2. It may not be able to pick up all the TV stations.

KING VQ4100 Quest Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna (for use with DIRECTV)

The King Quest Portable V antenna operates with DIRECTV SD programming and also offers the option of supplementing the antenna system with a controller accessory in order to make it more compatible with DISH HD and BELL TV services. However, this antenna is not compatible with SWM receivers. The King Quest antenna can either be used a portable antenna, the one which can be transported from one location to another, or as roof mounted antenna, possible for your home. The antenna is also fully automated.


  1. The King Quest antenna can be used for multiple locations such as camp sites, tailgating parties, your backyards and garages.
  2. The antenna functions automatically and is easy to set up.
  3. There are no contracts and no extra fees.
  4. It also supports multiple TV viewing.


  1. The antenna may not operate well.
  2. It may have difficulty finding signals.


This long range antenna deems to be the perfect fit over all the other antennas. It not only excels in appearance but in performance as well. And it comes with easy installation and can be used both in internal environment as well as external. You do not need to pay monthly bills and can enjoy your servings of favorite channels anytime.