This Tiny House Custom Toy Hauler is Stunning

This one-of-a-kind custom toy hauler from tinyidahomes has got so many unique and interesting characteristics to it that it’s difficult to find where to start. But start we will,… it’s a TOY HAULER!

Tiny House Custom Toy Hauler15

Near and dear to my heart, this custom toy hauler was built to be able to haul a side-by-side that can be up to 11ft. 4in. long by 7ft. wide. The rear dropdown door acts as a ramp just like a classic toy hauler, but is customized with laminate flooring on the inside and classic tinyhome paneling on the outside.

Tiny House Custom Toy Hauler

A full awning off of the passenger side provides some shade and weather protection for the toys if needed.

The front of the trailer on the top of the goose-neck has a 6ft. slide-out the brings the queen bed out of the bedroom and makes the inside much more roomy that a regular rv bedroom is. Dual seals on the slide itself keep any water or moisture on the outside of the trailer.

The layout (below) between the bedroom, bathroom, and shower room is also designed very well with the user in mind.

Moving to the inside of this custom built toy hauler, you can see that the ceiling is vaulted and gives has an open layout for the full length of the main room. Shown above the ATV, is a raised queen bed at the very top with a couch that folds out to a bed and a tv stand across from it on the right. This all lowers down when the “toy” is not inside for a comfortable sitting and eating area.

The full kitchen has plenty of storage throughout on both left and right sides of this custom toy hauler trailer. There’s a sink with a drop in cutting board, extendable faucet, dishwasher, RV fridge, and even a washer/dryer combo in that cabinet on the right side!

More Kitchen Details:

Which Toy Hauler Manufacturers have all of these? None.

Up in the front past the shower room and the bathroom is the bedroom. You’ll have to watch the full video below to see these as they are difficult to get a good picture of. The shower room is amazing though! There’s a removable teak floor that hides a full bathtub. Yeah, a bathtub! You’ll never find that in a typical RV or Toy Hauler.

In the bedroom, the bed travels on the slide out to make a walkway to the front closet. Sliding barn doors keep all the clothes behind them in place. Off to the right is a tv, and desk area for setting up the office on the go.

Custom Toy Hauler “Tiny House” Video


All in all this custom 5th wheel toy hauler gets a solid 10/10 rating from me. The price is a bit higher than the average cost of a Toy Hauler Trailer, but that is to be expected. If I had $82k, I’d be the first person in line for this well-designed luxury tiny home.

The delivery is free! 🙂