How much does a Toy Hauler Cost? 21 example prices included.

Toy Haulers on average cost about 15-20% more than their same size travel trailer counterparts. They can range from $12,000 – $250,000 in price and are available as Bumper-Pull Trailers, 5th-Wheel Trailers, and Motorhome’s.

There are a few reasons for this. The framework the trailer is built on has to be stronger to support the toys going inside and the trailer’s (or RV)  brakes are rated for higher towing weight and the axles are also stronger. There is also another big ramp-door on the rear of the unit that surprisingly adds to the overall higher average cost of a Toy Hauler.

1-Axle Trailer12-16ft.1,000-3,000lbs.$3,000-$15,000
2-Axle Trailer12-36ft.2,000-10,000lbs$7,500-$40,000
5th Wheel Trailer16-40ft.3,500-12,000lbs$10,000-$120,000
Class A Motorhome26-40ft.7,000-15,000lbs$40,000-$250,000
Class C Motorhome16-28ft

There are a few special amenities that can be included or added into a Toy Hauler package that are not available in a typical camper trailer. Upgrades like an on-board fuel station and motorized rear bunk beds are add-ons that add to the price of a standard toy hauler package that are not standard options for most camping trailers.

Does a Toy Hauler cost more to rent than an RV?

Yes. Toy Haulers have more options and more amenities and also cost about 15-20% more than your standard travel trailer costs to rent. There are less of them available to rent too, making the supply and demand curve a little higher when you do find one available to rent.

According to RVshare –  rental prices for toy haulers rent for $150-$300/night.

One thing that I am going to test on this rental platform next spring is to see if I can rent my Rubicon Dutchmen Toy Hauler out at a premium and include a golf cart to use for free with it. It’ll be fun to see if the demand goes up and it gets booked faster.

Do Toy Haulers retain their value over time better than a camper trailer?

Depreciation is a real concern when purchasing a large ticket item like a toy hauler trailer. You don’t want to find out that 1 year of ownership can cost your over $10,000 just because you bought your trailer brand new off the lot. If the warranty for that first year is of value to you, then you might consider purchasing one new.

Just like buying a new car, rolling it off the lot will instantly depreciate the value of that now “used Toy Hauler.”

But the good news is that there is less demand for new ones compared to standard trailers and fewer manufacturers churning these out to the market every year. Making the resale value stay higher for longer and lowering the depreciation of these over long periods of time (3-10 years out). Not by much, but 10% is 10%.

What’s the Smallest Toy Hauler Available?

Looks to me like the Sunset Park RV SunRay 109E is the smallest manufactured toy hauler available. It has an open deck in front of the mini camper space to be able to put a pair of small motorcycles, dirt bike’s or golf cart. While the toys are not going inside the trailer, it’s a great way to haul a camping space and a toy on the same set of axles.

The DIY version of this looks like a flat bed trailer with a modified pop-up camper in the front or rear and the open space like this unit from Sunset.

What’s the Largest Toy Hauler Available?

The 2018 Stellar 39-LKSG can fit two (2) RZR’s inside.

Check this thing out, it’s a beast 🙂


Toy Hauler Purchasing Advice

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a Toy hauler for a Full Time (FT) Camping unit. While it’s nice to bring some toys along on the adventure, they do need to stay inside the trailer which limits your space when traveling from destination to destination. You also can’t back out the golf cart in a Walmart parking lot just to lower the bunk beds down to rest in.

What I would recommend is buying a toy hauler from a dealer that specializes in these units. Ask the salesman or manager how many they sell a year, and if that number is under 100, go find one that is above that number. They will know the common user mistakes and problems that you are sure to run into in your travels and will be able to better assist you than a dealer that isn’t that experienced with these units.

I’d also check the weights and heights of your toys (filled with gas) and the full weight of all liquid tanks against your trucks pulling capacity yourself. Salesman have a way of saying only what’s necessary to move you into the direction of a purchasing decision. If this info does not help get you in that direction, then you’re not going to hear it unless you specifically ask or do the calculations yourself.

Does insurance cost more on a Toy Hauler?

In my experience it does not. The purchase cost might be higher than a trailer, but 90% of all the damage claims are the same as travel trailers. Roof damage, water leaks, and pest infestations don’t damage the extras on a toy hauler.

And with these replacement parts being the same as most campers, the insurance cost isn’t much different than them either.

Toy Hauler Example Prices

These are only examples of about what you can expect to pay for these types of trailers. Sales, discounts, and price changes happen all the time. So you’ll need to contact the dealers directly to find out more.

Let’s categorize these into 3 different groups.

  1. Bumper-Pull Toy Hauler Trailers
  2. 5th Wheel Style Toy Hauler Trailers
  3. Motorhomes (Class A & C) Toy Haulers

“Bumper Pull” Toy Hauler Trailers Price Examples

5th Wheel Style Toy Hauler Trailer Price Examples

Motorhomes (Class A & C) Toy Haulers Price Examples

References for Pricing Examples:

Important Notes and Misc Advice:

  • Height of Toys going inside: If there are bunk beds that raise up to the ceiling, then the height of your toys going inside needs to be measured and accounted for. My golf cart had a top on it until I put a 4″ lift and bigger tires on it and could not longer fit it in. Now, the cart doesn’t have a top. Easy fix, but might not be for other toys.
  • Rear Garage or Open pull-through: Larger rigs have a separate garage at the rear of the trailer for toys. This works great for separating the mud and fumes from the living space. But what it doesn’t allow for is more than 2 bikes or 1 cart. The space you get is what you get. Open floor plans let you move and adjust to what you want to fit inside the trailer, but cause wear and tear on the living space with your toys.
  • Versatility: Different types of accessories can be used on these that Toy haulers that cannot be used on standard camper trailers. Like this rear porch.

3 season room or porch on the rear:

Now that you know the ballpark of how much a Toy Hauler costs and a few special benefits to owning one – are you ready to for some fun?