Electric Tongue Jacks For Travel Trailers

Power Jack Upgrades For Your Trailer

Up, down. Up, Down. Up and down again. This is all too familiar for me and every camper I know that is in charge of hooking up the truck and trailer. First, up to get above the truck ball, then down. Sway bar hookup. Then back up to set them, then back down.

When it’s 92F outside I start to break into a sweat! Let’s not mention the sweats from a long weekend of camping with the drinking buddies, and I just want to hookup and go home. It wouldn’t be so much of a chore if you (or I) had an electric trailer jack to do the job instead of a hand crank. 🙁

It is easy to use as you don’t need to be strong or have equipment, which are two must-have requirements while using a manual jack.

Benefits of using an electric trailer jack

If you don’t want to break a sweat before going on every weekend camping trip, and an easier time getting the trailer level when you get there, then read on.

Having a level trailer also helps your RV’s fridge to work alright and if you don’t want to roll down the bed in the middle of the night, an electric trailer jack will help you out. Here are five benefits of using an electric trailer jack:

  1. It requires very less efforts from your side as compared to a manual jack. It is the safest option if you are suffering any physiological issue like back pain or knee pain.
  2. All electric jacks have an error-proof design, so once you put it in a position, it will hold against it as desired.
  3. Some jacks also come with remote control. You don’t require to do any work at all.
  4. If the batteries are low, you can still use it as a manual crank jack.
  5. It is the best connector for attaching a trailer onto a hitch

Electric jacks are more expensive than manual jacks, but they are worth it since you don’t have to do any heavy lifting.

Important factors to consider while purchasing an electric trailer jack

Your goal is to purchase an electric jack that can lift 15 percent of your RV’s total weight. You can obviously choose a more efficient product, but the cost increases likewise. Let’s take a look at four factors to consider while purchasing an electric trailer jack:

1. Trailer tongue height

To know the trailer tongue height, you will have to measure it. Park the RV or trailer on a leveled ground and measure the distance between the ground and the coupler bottom. It is important to check because the jack only rises four inches above the coupler height. If the difference is more, you won’t be able to tow it.

2. Jack height

Check the jack’s height in both, retracted and extended positions. Measure from the bottom to the location where it gets mounted. Usually, all popular electric jacks available in the market fit the regular A-frame trailer. Check twice before you make the purchase.

3. Weight capacity

An ideal electric jack should bear anywhere between 3,000 to 4,000 pounds of weight, which is around 15 percent of your RV weight or less.

4. Shape

Electric jacks are available in two shapes — straight tongue and A-frame. The one who chooses depends on your RV’s metal frame. If it is A-frame, then purchase an A-frame jack. Some brands also have products that work for all frame times, which makes them a more durable option.

Connecting the RV to a towing vehicle

Before you hook the RV, ensure that you have the right ball size. It is usually mentioned on the coupler. Take another person’s help or keep a camera handy to guide you while hitch the trailer to the vehicle.

Here’s what you need to do to connect the RV to a towing vehicle:

  1. Disconnect utilities and raise the stabilizers.
  2. Chock the rig. It isn’t always necessary, but it is a good practice.
  3. Close the locking lever, secure it with a lock, pin, or anything else so that the jack doesn’t come undone.
  4. Connect all the utilities and make sure all of them are working properly. Take time to check every one of them. Some brands offer special instructions for their electric jacks, so go through them thoroughly.
  5. Check if the headlights are working properly.
  6. Remove the chocks and ensure that the TV or radio antenna is back in their positions.
  7. Adjust the mirrors according to your comfort and take a test drive to ensure the jack is locked securely.

RAM Trailer Products Electric Trailer Jack with Drop Leg

RAM EJ-3520-BBX 3,500 lb. Electric Trailer Jack with Drop Leg - Black
  • Bright LED light for easy night time hookup
  • Include a drop leg for 7-1/2" of additional adjustment
  • Durable hardened steel gears for year and years of normal use
  • Crank handle for manual override in case of power loss
  • Setup for 12 volt battery use

Available in black and white, RAM Trailer Products EJ-3520-BBX Electric Trailer Jack with Drop Leg is easy to assemble, install, and use. It comes with an additional drop leg of 7 ½” just in case you need it. The gears are constructed using durable hardened steel, which not only imparts its strength but also protects from moisture and rust. The jack has a weight bearing capacity of 3,500 lbs, which makes it a great choice for small RVs or motorhomes. Ensure that you don’t exceed the limit as it will cause the jack to break.

The jack’s battery works on a 12 volt operation. Its inner tube has a zine finish, which protects it from rust and water damage. Also, the product comes with LED lights on all four sides to make working in the dark absolutely easy. It comes with a manual crank handle, which you can use to manually fit the jack in case the battery is low or dies down. You will receive a one year warranty on the product’s workmanship and defects.


  1. Made from durable hardened steel
  2. One year warranty on the product’s workmanship and defects
  3. LED lights assist working in the dark


  1. Delayed delivery
  2. Only favorable for infrequent use
  3. Can be used for towing or leveling small RVs

Uriah Products Electric Trailer Jack

Uriah Products UC500010 Electric Trailer Jack (7-Way Connector, 5000 lb. 12V DC), Black
  • Lift range: 9" to 31.5" (including 4.5" Drop leg) 18" travel height.Up to 5000 lbs towing capacity, do not exceed maximum weight
  • Easy to use switch for raising and lowering trailer
  • Water resistant motor and one piece plastic housing. Oversized adjustable Footpad provides excellent stability
  • Ball screw design and Brake motor increases the Lift efficiency and reduces friction compared to the Acme screw
  • Quick plug-in 7-way connector with plastic holder to keep connector in place when not in use

With a superior lift range of 9″ to 31 ½”, Uriah Products UC500010 Electric Trailer Jack is one of the best ones available in the market. It has a travel height of 18”, which is perfect for all sizes of RVs. The jack is only available in black color and weighs 22.3 lbs. It can bear up to 5,000 lbs of weight. Its easy to use mechanism helps in lifting and lowering your motorhome without any trouble. It has a water-resistant motor housed in a one-piece plastic that add extra protection from moisture, heat, and dust.

The jack’s ball screw design and brake motor improves lift efficiency and decreases friction. These two features prolong its life since you need to exert minimal pressure to achieve better results. The plug-in 7-way connector has a plastic cover to protect it from the weather and dust. It comes with a one year warranty against defects and parts.


  1. Superior lift range of 9″ to 31 ½”
  2. Ball screw design and brake motor enable better product performance
  3. One year warranty against defects and parts


  1. Bolts are loose, make sure you tighten them
  2. Poor customer service 🙁

Adjustable Height 3500Lb 12-Volt RV Trailer Jack

F2C Adjustable Height 3500 Lb 12-Volt A-Frame RV Trailer Jack Electric Power Tongue(#1)
  • 12 volt operation;Up to 3500 lbs. lifting capacity
  • Removable foot pad;Powder coat finish resists rusting
  • Features easy to operate switch for lifting up to 18"
  • 3 bolt mounting into standard A-frame trailer coupler
  • Powder coat finish resists rusting;Easy operation hand crank in case your battery goes dead

Another electric jacks that uses 12 volts of power, A-Frame RV Trailer Jack has a maximum tongue weight bearing capacity of 3,500 lbs. You get a removable foot pad in the package that you can use while leveling the RV. When you aren’t use it, shore the pad in a dry and dark place. Both, the inner and outer tubes are coated with a zinc finish to resist moisture, dust, rust, and corrosion. It has a three-bolt mounting and fits perfectly into a standard A-frame trailer coupler.

You also get a separate manual crank that you can attack to the jack instead the battery is low to turn it into a manual jack. It fits perfectly into a 2 and 2 ¼” standard trailer tongue mounting holes. It comes with a one year warranty on workmanship and defect.


  1. One year warranty on purchase
  2. Constructed using superior quality hardened steel
  3. Fits into standard trailer tongue mounting holes


  1. Slow customer service
  2. Lower weight bearing capacity

Husky 4500 lbs. Brute Power Jack

Husky HB4500 4500 lbs. Brute Power Jack, Hammer Gray Finish
  • Powered trailer jack with 4,500 pound rating, 12-volt operation, hardened steel gears, and soldered connections
  • 18-inch full stroke with 6-inch adjustable drop-down leg reduces time to set jack and reduces wear on motor
  • 3-sided LED light system to illuminate hitch and spring bar area
  • Features a friction-reducing ball screw, usually only found in more expensive jacks
  • Weather-resistant trailer connector storage bracket with durable hammer gray finish

The Brute HB4500 power jack stands true to its name. It is strong and durable and doesn’t require any efforts to lift your RV’s tongue. It has a 6” adjustable drop down leg that helps you to level your RV on a variety of uneven terrains. The main tube is 2 ¼” in diameter, so it will fit any standard trailer tongue mounting hole. With a weight bearing capacity of 4,500 lbs, you can be assured that the jack will last you for an extremely long time.

It has a quick travel time of 10” in just 38 seconds. It extends up to 18” in total length. Husky Brute has a special ball screw design to increase lift efficiency, which helps to prolong product and motor life. Even though it comes with a one year warranty like all other products, the customer service offered by them is the best.


  1. Durable and quality construction
  2. Efficient lifting mechanism
  3. Quick travel time


  1. The gray color might not be everyone’s favorite
  2. Difficult to install

Lippert 3500LB Power Tongue Jack

Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue Jack Black
  • EASY INSTALLATION — Complete with all necessary hardware and pins, installation for the Power Tongue Jack is fast and simple, so you can get to...
  • TIME-SAVING — Say goodbye to cranking your manual jack. With the push of a button, you can raise or lower your a-frame trailer in a fraction of...
  • INTEGRATED LIGHTING — Four integrated LED lights illuminate the ball and coupler, so you can operate your jack at night, worry-free
  • POWERFULLY ENGINEERED — Built to do heavy lifting, the Power Tongue Jack has a 3,500 lb. lift capacity, helical-cut gears, 30 AMPs of power,...
  • BUILT TOUGH — Made from heavy-gauge, steel construction, a durable, textured housing that prevents chips and cracks, and a black powder-coat...

A brilliantly-designed product, the Lippert Power Tongue Jack has four LED lights that throw lights on all sides to ensure you have no difficult while working in the dark. All you have to is the place the jack and hit switch-on to get the work done. If the battery is low, you can turn it into a manual jack by connecting the handle crank.

It has a weight bearing capacity of 3,500 lbs, which means you can only use it on a small-sized RV home. The jack only uses 30 AMP and has a travel stroke of 18”. Encased in a textured casing, it is easy to handle and protects the motor from cracks and chips. The total bracket height is 10 ¾” when retracted and 28 ¾” when expanded, so you have enough to use for a variety of RV and trailer sizes. Other than that, you receive a one year manufacturer’s warranty.


  1. Turns into a manual crank
  2. LED lights on all sides for easy working in the evening
  3. Uses only 30 AMP power


  1. Poor customer service
  2. Not ideal for regular use

Here is a detailed walk through on How to Install a New Electric Jack on your Trailer.


After carefully considering all five jacks, we went with this Powered Trailer Jack. It is mostly because of the weight bearing capacity of 5,000 lbs and our Toy Hauler is heavy. With extra capacity, we always like to error on the safer side. Also, we liked its three-bolt mounting design and the inner tube has a zinc coating that protects the motor and insides from water damage and therefore, prolongs its life. We definitely recommend this jack for your RV too!