What is a Toy Hauler?

A Toy Hauler is a specific type of travel trailer or camping trailer that is designed to haul “toys” inside of it. Not small toys, but BIG toys. Like Motorcycles, Golf Carts, Dirt Bikes, Quads, ATV vehicles and even Snowmobiles. Of course there is room for the smaller stuff too. The rear wall of the trailer drops down and is used as a ramp to drive these “Big Boy Toys” in and out.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Toy Hauler Trailers?

Space: Arranging the inside of the trailer with collapsable tables, furniture, and beds that can raise up or easily move out of the way creates the open layout needed for these larger toys.

Layout: Having movable interior furniture allows for different layout for different activities. You can fit up to 8 people inside comfortably when it’s raining outside, or have room to bring your pets along without feeling crowded by their stuff.

Durable: Toy Haulers are constructed with the outdoor enthusiasts in mind. The frame work below is sturdier than your typical camper to be able to support heavy 2 and 4 wheel points of contact with heavy people on them. The axles, brakes, and tires on most have higher weight ratings too.

Taller: In a lot of toy haulers, a set of bunk beds in the rear of the trailer can be raised up to the ceiling to move out of the way. This makes the ceiling height a little taller to accommodate the beds.

Weight: Having sturdier framework and axles make toy haulers weigh more than your average travel trailer. When adding heavy toys inside, you’ll need to add up the weight of everything in order to ensure you use a vehicle that is capable of safely hauling your stuff.

More features include: Larger Water Tanks, Onboard Generators, and Fuel Stations. Some have slide outs, and some don’t.

Who uses these Types of Trailers?

Outdoor Enthusiasts: These self-contained, heavy-duty trailers are good for heading out into the wilderness with. Boon-docking is easier as you have some extra resources like a fuel station and large water tanks of staying off the grid. Bring along your quads and dirt bikes too and you have an amazing trip out in the woods or on the beach by the sand dunes.

Motorsport Enthusiasts: Staying at the track for motorsports racing events is also a great time to have a toy hauler camper.

Contractors: An open layout and the ability to bring heavier equipment lets contractors use these for work too. Some week-long or month-long jobs require workers to travel a lot through out the year and these are a great way to pack equipment and save on hotel bills.

Event Attendees: TailGators use stabilizing jacks under the bumpers on the end of the rear ramp and turn it into a party deck! There are kits available to support the ramp using cables from above to float your ramp above ground too.

What are smallest and biggest trailers available?

I have a 26′ Dutchmen Rubicon Toy Hauler. When I bought it, it was the biggest bumper-pull toy hauler available. Anything bigger than that is a 5th-wheel style trailer that I did not want pull with a 1/2ton truck. To this day I still get funny looks from older campers when I drop that back ramp down and roll out a lifted golf cart and full size Harley Davidson.

Smallest: Tiny Toy Haulers are available that are about a minimum of 12′ long. Any smaller and you wouldn’t be able to fit much inside. These are meant for a single motorcycle or dirt bike and can be towed by a mid-sized SUV.

A “Micro-Trailer” is a pop-up style camper that has a deck mounted (front or back) that you can put toy on – not in.

Largest: 5th wheels and Full-size RV Toy Haulers. These can get into the Class A Motorhome category. The biggest drawback to a large 5th-wheel trailer or motorhome (besides the weight) is that once you go over 30′ long, most of them have a rear garage style layout. This is great for keeping a separation between your toys smelly exhaust and muddy mess. But not so great as they only will fit 2 motorbikes, or 1 ATV or 1 Golf Cart. Combing a golf cart and a motorcycle isn’t possible without using the living space for more storage.

Can I DIY a Toy Hauler?

Of course, you can always go ahead and make your own should you want to. When looking at a DIY project for a toy-hauler, you can start with a cargo trailer or you can start with a camper trailer.

Cargo Trailer to Camper

Adding the necessities you require to a cargo trailer is an easy start to a DIY Toy Hauler. The framework below is setup to handle the weight that you want to load inside and you’ll start out at a lower cost than buying completed trailer.

You’ll need some skills in electricity and plumbing should you want to add in all the luxuries of a camper. There are plenty of outdoor enthusiasts that just add in what’s needed to sleep comfortably in. Like a bed, AC, Heat, and maybe a mini-fridge or TV.

Camper Trailer to Cargo (toys)

Cutting out an access door into an old camper trailer is also a way to DIY your way into a Hauler. You’ll need a trailer that has a layout that’s suitable, and some skills with electric and demolition. It can be done, there are just easier and cheaper means of bringing your toys along with you while camping.

Here are 21 example prices of what you can expect a Toy Hauler to cost.