What is Glamping?

Glamorous Camping” is what this is called. And because our society is a huge fan of mashing words together to make up new ones, we now have GLAMPING. The glamorous part means that you are camping in style. Not in some cheap-o tent on the ground in the woods,…. like a savage. But in a comfy bed, with heat or AC, and a TV. (like 95% of the RV’s out there, just sayin).

This Luxury Camping offers an easy escape from the norm and into the outdoors without all the commitments of regular camping. There’s minimal work, more time to explore, and no dirt. Essentials in the life of luxury.

Why go glamping outdoors in a tent

Why Go Glamping?

You might wonder why even go clamping in the first place? There are a few good reasons that you would go ahead with this instead of you more traditional camping methods.

  • Get into nature – without over doing it
  • Take the adventure, leave the work
  • Less packing and less planing
  • More time to explore
  • Commitment level is low

How to Glamp

The type of creature comforts vary slightly be what you will be staying in and you won’t need much in the way of stuff. You can stay in:

  1. Cabins
  2. Tree Houses
  3. Safari Tents
  4. Yurts
  5. Teepees
  6. TinyHomes
  7. Geodomes
  8. Pods
  9. and of course, RVs.

You’ll notice that hotels, motels, and AirBnB’s don’t seem to make the list. Mainly because this is still geared around outdoor activities and in nature, where these smaller temporary residences can be located.


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After you decide what you would like to stay in, all you need to do is pack what you want to wear and have with you. The

Key Differences Between Glamping and Camping:

Cooking – You’ll have a full kitchen to navigate, no cooking on a fire with a small portable kitchen on a table.

Cleaning – Having a shower keeps you from grabbing a bar of soap and hitting the lake or a simple outdoor spray house shower. Also, with that full kitchen meal cleanup will be just like at home.

Sleeping – Full size beds are the norm, not sleeping bags on the ground.

Creature Comforts – Heat and AC keeps you at a comfortable temp.

Space – Small tiny tents are not a part of the glamping style.

Storage – More space keeps you from needing to use portable and folding type equipment.

Location – Camping in better locations than you can with a full size 40′ rig.

What to bring with you Glamping:

Money. Lots and lots of money! With all of the amenities setup for you, don’t expect it to be done for free.

Full Service Glamping Companies:

So now you know what the term “Glamping” means, and what Glamping is. The decisions is up to you should you choose to adopt it into your own vocab, or just keep it camping in style.